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Rapéh ceremony Ubud

December 9, 2021 @ 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm UTC+8

A complex transmission of the spirit of Rapé (Amazonian shamanic tobacco based snuff) with sound healing and guided meditation, in a beautiful indoor setting in Stockholm.

In this Ceremonial Gathering, we come together, in order to open a Portal of Transformation, a Deep Immersion into the Self, guided by the Ancient Spirit of Rapéh.

The Rapéh Ceremony is first and foremost a Prayer of Intention, a Sacred Space for Cleansing and Transforming through Crystalised Intention.

“Rapé” is a powerful shamanic snuff, crafted by shamans of indigenous tribes of the Brazilian Amazonian rainforest, a fine powder that is blown into the nostrils of the recipient, by an applicator called “Tepi”. It is a mixture of a specialy cured potent wild Tobacco (Nicotiana Rustica) mixed with ashes of sacred aromatic trees (and sometimes other medicinal plants, such as Tonka beans). It is NOT hallucinogenic and the effects are profound given the right set (a clear intention in mind, with reverence to the spirit and a strong desire at heart) and in a good setting (a well held sacred space).

The medicine, combined with the healing energy of the breath of the giver (also known as ‘Soplada’), leads to a strong energetic and physical reaction, cracking our resistances and melting the tensions we hold in our various energetic centers, unleashing a powerful vortex of sensations and emotions, thus opening a window of opportunity for the recipient to break free from the constraints of the reality perception reduction valve of the thinking mind.

The Space Holder is as important as the mixture itself, and the giver needs to blow with a clean energy and a loving selfless heart, as that energy travels towards the recipient, sparking the mixture to life and igniting the process of transmutation.
With over ten years experience in holding shamanic healing ceremonies our medicine is first and foremost unconditional love, acceptance of what is as we hold in humble service a sacred space of healing, setting up a strong, tightly held and safe energetic container.

We lecture about the medicine and it’s right use and we share stories from our travels and initiations in the Amazon. We also use Breath work and Guided Meditation and accompany the process with Sound Healing. We will all share from the Heart, showings ourselves authenticaly, we pray, sing and heal collectively.

This is a strong work of release and elevation. Be prepared to purge, to cry, to laugh, to allow for whatever arises, journeying courageously into the unknown, past your resistances and comfort zones, towards the eternal sunshine of the spotless heart.

About Malvina

Malvina is a woman that has dedicated herself fully to the spirit of service and devotion.
Her inner calling is being fulfilled by sharing and holding sacred ceremonial space with these ancient healers and master sprits from the Amazon.

She also studied for many years in different ancient indigenous Shamanic traditions and has gathered a lot of knowledge from these different realms.
She is very excited to share and transmit this embodied wisdom.

About Thomas/Kural:

Thomas followed the calling from his soul, asking to contribute by helping other people find the path of lasting healing and liberation. Guided by beings of light for the past 28 months, he has traveled the world to learn with masters in several energy centers of the planet. Combining the teachings of Sacred Geometry Alchemy, subconscious reprogramming, quantum healing and medicines, he brings his patients to self-discovery, empowerment and transcendence of unpleasant life situations. Transversally to his practices, his main expertise is the path of the Heart, working with the catalyst value of Freedom. He is greatly honored to hold space for the Nordic Retreat and assist you discover the keys you hold to your own awakening to the next level!


December 9, 2021
3:00 pm - 8:00 pm UTC+8
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Sacred Rapéh