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Aircraft Passengers Can Use GeNose Test Starting Tomorrow

The Ministry of Transportation officially released a derivative rule regulating air travel with the GeNose C19 test.

PPKM Micro in Bali is Extended Again Until April 5

The government has again extended the policy of limiting micro-community activities (PPKM) for two weeks in 15 provinces including Bali.

Bali Plans to Receive Tourists from China, the Netherlands, Dubai, and Singapore

The minister of tourism and creative economy Sandiaga Uno together with several parties is preparing a policy to open Bali tourism for foreign tourists in June or July 2021.

Vaccinations in Bali Will be Reviewed by President Jokowi

Before the arrival of the PresidentBali Governor and Deputy Governor accompanied RI Minister of Health to review the readiness of the vaccination site.

ATM Services in Bali Will be Temporarily Stopped Starting on Saturday at 12.00

Bank Indonesia will gradually deactivate cash withdrawals and other transaction activities in ATMs in Bali Province on March 13, 2021, starting at 12.00.

Ubud Will Open to International Tourists in 2022

The Secretary of Gianyar I Made Gede Wisnu Wijaya said, Gianyar has prepared three stages to reopen international tourism.

Three Regions are Included in the Covid-19 Free Corridor Program

"The three areas are Ubud, ITDC Nusa Dua, and Sanur," said Koster while reading a Circular Letter Number 06 of 2021.

Fines for Foreign Health Protocol Violators Raised To 1 Million

"This Governor Regulation comes into force on the date of promulgation," said Wayan Koster on Tuesday (9/3).

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A Vaccination Based Tourism Program for Bali

Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno has announced a new tourism program for vaccinated visitors in Bali. Sandiaga...

The Resident of Gianyar Met a Crocodile by the River

The appearance of a crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus, Estuary Crocodile) in Lebih village on Monday afternoon, June 21, at about...
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Micro PPKM Strengthened: Dine In 25 Percent, Malls Close at 20.00

The implementation of restrictions on community activities ( PPKM ) on a micro-scale has been strengthened. The strengthening will...

Vaccination in Bali is available for the general public

The Covid-19 vaccination program in Bali Province continues to be intensified. The general public elder than 18 years old...

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