Environmental Care Community Commemorates World Turtle Day

The Preventing Plastic Into Ocean (PPITO) Community collaborated with residents caring for the environment to release hundreds of hatchlings on Saba Beach, Blahbatuh District,...

The Dolphins Were Evacuated to a Safe Place

The Environment and Forestry Ministry's (KLHK) Directorate of Ecosystem Natural Resources Conservation evacuated seven dolphins from the Dolphin Lodge captivity.

7 Dolphins in Pengakaran Beach Mertasari Left Neglected

7 bottlenose dolphins placed in large cages in the Mertasari Beach area are reportedly abandoned and sick.

Solar Energy Technology Turns Lake Batur Bali Water Into Drinkable Water

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) system, which is the result of a collaboration between PT Surya Utama Nuansa (SUN Energy) and the Batur UNESCO Global Geopark Tourism Management Agency, was inaugurated on Thursday (22/4/2021).

14 Tons of Fish Dead Due to Sulfur Explosion

The sulfur explosion that occurred in Lake Batur, Kintamani a few days ago caused fish farmers in the local lake to suffer losses.

Sungaiwatch Community is Cleaning the Rivers in Bali

Several volunteers organized the Sungaiwatch community to clean the rivers in Bali. The organization is inseparable from the role of Gary Benchegib, a French filmmaker...

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A Vaccination Based Tourism Program for Bali

Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno has announced a new tourism program for vaccinated visitors in Bali. Sandiaga...

The Resident of Gianyar Met a Crocodile by the River

The appearance of a crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus, Estuary Crocodile) in Lebih village on Monday afternoon, June 21, at about...
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Micro PPKM Strengthened: Dine In 25 Percent, Malls Close at 20.00

The implementation of restrictions on community activities ( PPKM ) on a micro-scale has been strengthened. The strengthening will...

Vaccination in Bali is available for the general public

The Covid-19 vaccination program in Bali Province continues to be intensified. The general public elder than 18 years old...

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Syndicate of ATM Breakers in Bali Was Arrested

Six suspects who broke into an automated teller machine (ATM) customer accounts were successfully arrested by Bali Regional Police Resmob.

Tariff for Electric Car Testing in Bali, Starting Grom IDR 50 Thousand

Balinese and tourists can drive Toyota electric cars in Bali with a rental system that has been determined by the manager. There are three models of electric cars available as part of this pilot project for Toyota's low emission vehicles.

The Search for the Russian Fugitive Continues

The police continue to disclose details of the Russian...