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The Number of Airplane Passengers to Bali Sloped Ahead of the New Year’s Parties


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Total passenger arrivals at Bali Airport decreased before the celebration of the New Year 2022.

According to airport management records, there were 9,076 passengers on Saturday (25/13). Then, on Sunday (26/12) there were 10,914 passengers, and on Monday (27/12) there were 10,043 passengers.

When compared to early December 2021, passenger arrivals ranged from 11,000 to over 13,000. In fact, in mid-December, it had reached 14,648 passengers.

The Stakeholder Relations Manager of PT Angkasa Pura I or AP I of I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, Taufan Yudhistira, confirmed that there was a decline in passengers considering the existing data.

He said that the decline in passengers occurred probably because people who came to Bali had settled before Christmas and were still waiting for the 2022 New Year.

He was asked whether the decline was likely because of the new variant of the COVID-19 Omicron.

“We don’t know for sure that it could be because of that (omicron),” he said.

However, when compared to the previous year’s numbers of the same time interval, passenger arrivals at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport increased by 27 percent. “For sure, from (the previous year) there was an increase of 27 percent, higher than before,” he explained.

However, he said the peak of passenger arrivals would occur on Thursday (30/12) and Friday (31/12) during the new year and is estimated to reach 12,000 and 13,000 per day. Meanwhile, passengers arriving at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport are still dominated by Jakarta, Surabaya, and Makassar.

“(The peak) will be probably between Thursday and Friday. At least around 12 thousand and 13 thousand. But, we don’t know yet, but last weekend the increase was not high compared to the previous week (between) 14 and 12 thousand,” he said.


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