CrimeA Gang of Motorbike Thieves Arrested by the Police

A Gang of Motorbike Thieves Arrested by the Police


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Bangli Police Team arrested a cross-district motorcycle thief gang from Grati District, Pasuruan, East Java. The four perpetrators, namely Abdul Manaf (24), Purwanto (28), Roni (29), and Soleh (30), are now being held at the Bangli Police Headquarters along with 10 stolen motorbikes.

The Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Bangli Police, Androyuan Elim, said that the disclosure of the theft case began with reports of two motorcycle thefts in Tembuku District.

Following up on the victim’s report, the Police Team carried out an investigation by studying CCTV footage around the location.

After studying the CCTV footage, the identity of the perpetrator was recovered.

Andoyuan Elim said, then the Team carried out an undercover operation to carry out buying and selling transactions with the perpetrator Abdul Manaf. After it was agreed, the officers finally met to conduct transactions with the perpetrators around Cokroaminoto Street, North Denpasar.

“The team found an operation target which had the same characteristics as the stolen bike from Banjar Tembuku. We didn’t waste timeand immediately arrested the perpetrators,” said Androyuan Elim.

After interrogation and checking of the motorbike, it turned out that the motorbike was reported missing on December 24.

After further investigation, it turned out that the perpetrators acted together with their gang, and the police arrested three other perpetrators. The four perpetrators rode two motorbikes and targeted motorbikes parked on the side of the road.

“Each perpetrator had a role. Some were monitoring the situation and some were pickers,” he said, adding that the perpetrator’s modus operandi was to break the motorcycle lock with a letter T key.

This gang acted in several regions/districts. Bangli Police captured 4 motorbikes, the Klungkung Police – two motorbikes, and the Gianyar Police – 4 motorbikes.

“We have secured ten motorbikes. Owners who want to take motorbikes can contact the police station where they previously reported the loss of motorbikes,” he explained.

The four perpetrators were charged with article 363 of the 4th paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code and 5 of the Subsidiary Criminal Code of Article 362 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with article 55 paragraph 1 of article 56 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code regarding theft with a penalty of over 5 years.

Usually stolen motorbikes were sold to a dealer who lives in the Kediri Tabanan area at a price of around IDR 3-4 million per unit.

The money from selling our stolen motorbikes were divided equally.


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