FeaturedEditor picksKoster: Don’t Focus on Foreign Tourists

Koster: Don’t Focus on Foreign Tourists


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Bali Governor Wayan Koster said Bali was not empty of tourists. Every day around 25 thousand domestic tourists come to Bali by air, ferry crossings and sea. 

The Governor said that the lack of foreign tourists was not the fault of the central government or the Bali Provincial Government.

He explained that in this pandemic situation, many countries still restrict their citizens from traveling abroad.

“We have been open since October 2021. But it turns out that the dynamics of Covid-19 in several countries are very high,” said Wayan Koster. Some of the countries that we have opened to enter Bali issued policies forbidding their citizens to travel abroad”, – said the governor.

This, explained Koster, is the reason why until now there have been no foreign tourists entering Bali. 

“So no one has come until now. Because the Covid-19 is rising again. There has been a spike in cases, and some countries have even locked down.

Australia also prohibits outsiders from entering Australia. And also its citizens are forbidden to go out. Moreover, there is a new variant, namely this Omicron. So it’s getting tougher,” – he said.  

Koster emphasized that his party was grateful that the current Java-Bali Covid-19 vaccination rate was quite high.

The number of residents in Bali who have vaccinated during stage 1 has reached 102 percent and stage 2 has reached 90 percent.

In Jakarta, the vaccination coverage has reached 100 percent.

Because of this, interactions between residents of Bali, Jakarta, or Java are quite safe.

Therefore, the governor asked that tourism actors focus on working on domestic tourists. 

“The interaction between residents of Jakarta or Java and Bali is very safe in general. It has been proven that for almost 3 months the cases of COVID-19 in Bali have been sloping and stable,” he said.

Governor Koster said the average number of domestic tourists arriving to Bali by air currently reaches 13,000 people per day. The number of land travelers is similar.

Therefore, according to Koster, tourism activity in Bali is quite high. The governor of Bali plans to add more flights to Bali. 

“Yesterday I discussed with the tourism minister, trying to add more flights by the end of this year. Now Garuda Indonesia is full, Lion Air is full, Batik Air, Citylink too. Garuda can no longer add flights because of aircraft limitations.

So we are trying to cooperate with other airlines to add more flights in Bali,” he said.

“The most conducive solution for us are domestic tourists. For foreign tourists, even though we are open, their countries prohibit their citizens from leaving.

So the scheme doesn’t work even if we open. So sorry, tourism actors, don’t blame the Bali government. This happens because foreign countries still close themselves.

Our domestic market is big. Even more loyal. Don’t focus on foreign tourists. Later, when the situation is good, they will come,” said the governor of Bali.


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