AccidentsAllegedly Bankrupt and Depressed an Entrepreneur in Bali Hanged...

Allegedly Bankrupt and Depressed an Entrepreneur in Bali Hanged Himself


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I Gede Ketut Rai Sumatra, 43, an entrepreneur from Banjar Dinas Umabian, Tabanan, Bali, was desperate to end his life. The suicide occurred on Tuesday (7/12) at around 18.00.

The victim’s child, I Gede Yogi Kurniawan, 16, discovered the suicide.

When he went to his father’s bedroom, which was on the second floor, he saw his father hanging from the bedroom ceiling on a brown plastic rope.

The witness immediately shouted for the other victims’ families.

While holding the victim, the witness ordered the other family members to take a knife to cut the rope wrapped around the victim’s neck.

“To confirm his father’s further condition, the family took the victim to the hospital. Unfortunately, from the results of the medical team’s examination, the victim has been declared dead,” said the Head of the Marga Police, Adjunct Commissioner of Police I Ketut Budiarta.

The victim was known as a successful entrepreneur in his area.

However, the victim’s economic condition slumped, and he was reportedly bankrupt because of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, which had lasted 2 years ago. Allegedly because of bankruptcy and depression, the victim then ended his life. 

“From the testimony of witnesses and evidence, it is strongly suspected that the victim ended her life because of economic pressure,” said Budiarta.

Before committing suicide, this 43-year-old man had written a piece of paper with a message and an apology to his wife and two children.


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