EcologyGarbage Scattered Along Kuta Beach Bali Reaches 30 Tons

Garbage Scattered Along Kuta Beach Bali Reaches 30 Tons


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photo: Antara

The officers from the Environmental and Hygiene Service (DLHK) of Badung Regency cleaned the garbage that was stranded on Kuta Beach, Bali, on Tuesday (7/12).

The piles of garbage were scattered and polluted the shoreline. The waste varied from plastic waste to logs of wood.

“Today, there are around 10 trucks of garbage at Kuta Beach, around 30 tons,” said Putu Suantara, Head of Cleanliness and Hazardous and Toxic Waste Management at the Badung DLHK, Bali, when contacted on Tuesday (7/12).

Garbage cleaning was also carried out along Seminyak Beach, Legian and in Jimbaran, Badung Regency, which was carried out with traders and local communities.

Suantara said that during this week the officers had cleaned about 50 tons along the beaches of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, and Jimbaran.

“During this week, we have handled approximately 50 tons. It is in the Kuta Beach area, Seminyak, Legian, and arrived at Jimbaran,” he added.

The personnel deployed today reached 350 people who are routine field officers and the Rapid Response Unit.

“Today, we have deployed approximately 350 personnel. So 300 of our field personnel routinely handle the field. We also pull it to the beach, and on the beach itself, there are 50 who are on standby, including Rapid Response Unit and equipment. We have deployed along the coast, which we divide into 10 zones for the west coast,” he said.

He said that garbage on the beach could not be cleaned immediately because every second it could come again and be stranded on the beach. His party also continues to strive to continue to do the cleaning assisted by traders, the surrounding community and there are also volunteers.

“Every second is unpredictable, sometimes he gets stranded, enters again. In the future, we optimize the participation of traders, the surrounding community, to collaborate. Plus, there is also help from NGOs,” he said.

He conveyed, for the garbage that was stranded along the coast of the Badung area, the source of the waste was not only from Bali but also from outside Bali. So, his party hopes that there will be support from the Bali Provincial Government and the Central Government.

“We are sure that they have made these efforts. Maybe there are some efforts to prevent illegal dumping of garbage from entering the sea and so on. Maybe that has been attempted,” said Suantara.

As reported, the garbage has again littered the Kuta Beach area, Legian, Seminyak, in Badung Regency, Bali. The garbage, as logs, sticks, and twigs of wood and plastic waste.

The Coordinator of Marine Debris Evacuation Detection of the Badung Environment and Hygiene Service (DLHK), I Made Gede Dwipayana, said that the garbage was arriving since Saturday (4/12) night.

“The condition of the beach was terrible. At first, Saturday night around 10 o’clock, the water rose and there was a lot of garbage under it. Then yesterday it rained heavily, until this morning it added again,” said Dwipayana, when contacted on Monday (6/12).

The garbage is scattered along Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak Beaches, and several officers have cleaned the beach since this morning and stopped at noon, because the seawater rose again and the weather was unfavorable due to rain.

“If we haven’t collected all the garbage, we have time to collect it. Earlier, we executed the water rising quickly. It is difficult to carry tools because the weather is not favorable,” he added.

He said that the waste collected at Kuta Beach was around 30 tons, Seminyak around 15 tons, and in Legian around 20 tons. Meanwhile, there were around 20.

Rapid Response Units from the Badung, assisted by beach managers and traders, keeps cleaning up the garbage.

“We planned to deploy around 400 sweepers. We spread them on Seminyak Beach, Legian, Kuta, but heavy rain and strong winds constrained it. We had to postpone it and tomorrow we will send all teams,” he said.


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