CrimeDutch Citizen Arrested for a Rampage

Dutch Citizen Arrested for a Rampage


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photo: IST

A Dutch citizen Francisco-Smits Yannick Cosme-Ad (26) was arrested by the police in Bali. The reason is, Francisco went on a rampage for no reason to break the minimarket’s glass.

The man was arrested on Monday (6/12) at around 10:00. The minimarket that was damaged was in Banjar Pengembungan, Pererenan Village, Mengwi District, Badung Regency.

“He entered the shop by breaking the glass at the entrance,” said Head of Public Relations of the Badung Police Iptu I Ketut Sudana.

Sudana explained that his party received information from a minimarket employee named Yanse Michael (23). The employee on Sunday (5/12) reported about a foreigner who was suspected of vandalism.

At first, the foreigner asked the minimarket employee for bread and water because he didn’t have any money. Because the minimarket was closed, the employee kicked the foreigner out. The foreigner also left the location.

The next day on Monday (6/12) at around 08.00 another minimarket employee named Linda (19) who opened the shop was surprised to see that the glass door was broken.

In addition, other items as 1 bottle of cooking oil and 1 bottle of drinking mineral water were also damaged. The employee also found blood splattered in the shop and 2 black bags which allegedly belonged to the foreigner.

Seeing this incident, Linda immediately contacted the Bhayangkara Supervisor for Community Security and Order (Bhabinkamtibmas) of Pererenan Village and the village government. The foreigner was then secured by the Mengwi Police.

According to Sudana, after being arrested, the Caucasian continued to rage. Therefore, the police handed over the foreigner to the Badung Regency Civil Service Police Unit.

“The perpetrator continued to be angry, it was not clear, then the Satpol PP invited the perpetrator to the Hospital in Kapal to get treatment because of the injuries suffered by the perpetrator,” explained Sudana.

While at the Mangusada Hospital, the perpetrator was visited by a friend named De Goederen Nikolaus (24). The perpetrator’s friend then coordinated with his consulate. The consulate suggested that the perpetrator be treated further at Sanglah Hospital.

The Caucasians were then assisted by the Satpol PP along with the victim’s friends, who were escorted to Sanglah Hospital to receive treatment. According to Sudana, the perpetrator’s condition is now improving, but he can’t communicate yet.

Sudana emphasized that the minimarket did not proceed with the legal process. The foreigner friend compensated the loss suffered by the minimarket.

“The perpetrator is suspected of having depression,” said Sudana.



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