AccidentsInverted Jukung in Bali Strait, 7 Survivors

Inverted Jukung in Bali Strait, 7 Survivors


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Jukung overturned because of loss of balance when the anglers gathered on one side.

One jukung carrying 7 people consisting of 2 crew members and 5 anglers from Banyuwangi, East Java, overturned in the waters of the Bali Strait near the Jineng Agung Beach area, Gilimanuk Village, Melaya District, Jembrana, Saturday (4/12) at around 14.00.

Luckily all the victims who had fallen into the sea survived. However, material losses due to the incident are estimated to reach millions of rupiah.

The sea accident was not caused by weather factors. The jukung overturned because of loss of balance after the anglers gathered on one side, out of curiosity when one of the baits was struck by a fish.

From the information in the field, the 2 crew and 5 anglers from Banyuwangi departed for a jukung from Boom Beach, Banyuwangi, at around 08.00. They fish around the waters of the Bali Strait. Having moved locations several times, the group then fished in the waters of the Bali Strait near the Jineng Agung Beach area, Gilimanuk Village, Melaya District, Jembrana.

While fishing near the Jineng Agung Beach area, about 300 meters from the shore, the hook of one angler, A’an Nurhakiky, 29, was eaten by a fish that was thought to be quite large. Curious about the fish that A’an Nurhakiky pulled, his friends gathered on one side of the jukung. This also made the load too heavy to one side so the jukung tipped over and they fell into the sea.

The incident, which was seen by the crew of one of the motorized passenger boats on the Ketapang-Gilimanuk Port route, was reported to the Gilimanuk ASDP and forwarded to the Indonesian Navy and Air Force Police Unit in Gilimanuk. When officers arrived at the location, the two crews, including 5 anglers who fell into the sea, were rescued by one of the Gilimanuk fishing boats and brought to the edge of the Panti Jineng Agung.

With the help of several local anglers, including the dispatch of a boat from the Jembrana Police Water Unit, the jukung, which was in an overturned condition, was successfully evacuated to the beach.

Everyone is safe. There was only one person whose leg was scratched because it might have hit the wood when the jukung was overturned.

Although there were no casualties, the left side of the overturned fishing boat was broken. Likewise, some fishing equipment was lost. The total loss is estimated at around Rp 7 million. The five anglers have been escorted back to Banyuwangi.

SourceNusa Bali


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