FeaturedEditor picksThe hope for foreign tourists arrivals

The hope for foreign tourists arrivals


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Seeing the implementation of PPKM level 3 and the addition of the quarantine period for foreign tourists (foreign tourists) from seven days to 10 days undeniably closes Bali’s hopes for the arrival of foreign tourists until the end of 2021.

“When we talk about foreign tourists, I think there is no hope anymore. Because yesterday I was called by the Airlines Operators Committee (AOC), he said that this December-January there were no planes coming to Bali for international flights, this is clear,” said the Chairman of the Regional Board of the Association of the Indonesian Tours. and Travel Agencies (DPD ASITA) Bali, Putu Winastra when contacted on Friday (3/12).

Winastra added, bringing in international aircraft is not as easy as one thinks. According to him, there are many things that become references for international airlines to dare to fly to Bali. “So expect no more (until the end of the year there will be foreign tourists coming),” he said.

Domestic tourists today, he admits, are indeed a trigger for tourism recovery. However, if local tourists who want to go to Bali are still burdened with various rules, such as PPKM level 3, it will give a psychological burden to travel.

The hope is, Bali can be treated specifically related to the PPKM level 3 policy. Because of this fact, the vaccination in Bali for the second dose is already above 90 percent. In addition, implementing CHSE in every hotel, restaurant, shopping center, and tourist attraction is also guaranteed. This proves that the Balinese people’s compliance with health protocols (prokes) cannot be doubted. “It is proven that the Governor of Bali (Wayan Koster) has received an award for controlling Covid-19 in Bali. So what’s there to worry about?” he said.

His party considered that the progress should be improved instead of limiting activities. Which, there must be a scheme that is formed so that activities can continue but by implementing strict procedures.

“I think my friends in the field are ready for it (a rigorous activity),” he claimed.

It is predicted that few local tourists will come to Bali to celebrate the Christmas and New Year (Nataru) holidays because of PPKM level 3.

“People will think twice, three times, why (come to Bali)? Celebrations are not allowed, time is limited, and so on. Friends at the hotel also said that many people canceled at the end of this year,” he explained.

His party is also worried that Bali will return to poverty in 2022. Because, if until December the rules regarding foreign tourists (visas, quarantine, and flights) are not changed, then don’t expect that in 2022 there will be foreign tourists coming.

“Because of the European holiday pattern, they book in December, January, February for the summer. Now this will have a tremendous impact on Bali tourism. Yes, we will be impoverished if it is not opened,” he said.

He did not mind if the regulation was a precautionary measure against the spread of the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus in Indonesia, especially Bali. However, when compared this year to last year, the situation has been different. The herd immunity of the Balinese people is now quite formed with the vaccination.

Meanwhile, confirmed by Stakeholder Relations Manager Angkasa Pura I, I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali, Taufan Yudhistira, his party said that there were currently no commercial flights to Bali.

“Until January? We don’t know yet. If you apply for a slot, it can be done, but for the realization, it will return to the airline,” he explained.


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