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The reason the Bintang T-shirt is so iconic in Bali


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What souvenirs typical of Bali that you normally buy? Maybe some of you immediately answered milk pie, disco beans, beach cloth, or barong t-shirts.

However, there is one iconic gift that you absolutely cannot miss, namely the Bintang Bali t-shirt. ‘Star’ here refers to local Indonesian beer labels.

These t-shirts are commonly found in the Kuta, Legian, or beach tourist locations.

This shirt is worn by many foreign tourists and even used as souvenirs.

Michael Killian, Managing Director of Hypebeast Indonesia, sees this phenomenon as something interesting and unique. Typical souvenirs usually refer to the uniqueness of the culture or local tourist sites, but Bintang Bali t-shirts ‘only’ embed the beer logo with no frills.

“This is very interesting. All the bootlegs are very iconic. The iconic thing is not only the catchy t-shirts but also the people going to Bali, [especially] Caucasians, looking for Bintang beer [which happens to be] sold everywhere,” Michael said at a press conference the launch of the #BersamaBali capsule collection, some time ago.

“Indirectly, Bintang t-shirts have become very iconic merchandise in Bali, to where many tourists bring them back to their country.”

Bootleg means something that is distributed freely or without the author’s permission. Even this can also be interpreted as a counterfeit product, ‘kw’ or pirated goods. Michael assessed that even though it was a bootleg item, this Bintang shirt was already integrated with Balinese culture.

Although the logo is everywhere and without permission, apparently this is not a problem for Bintang beer. Marketing Director of Multi Bintang Indonesia, Jessica Setiawan, admitted that there was no problem with the bootleg shirt with the Bintang logo.

“We have had no reports of this [phenomenon] since when. But that’s part of Balinese culture too, right? That there are T-shirts from Bali, everyone wears them. At first, it was because we made them, after a long time [more and more] they were followed and then iconic, “said Jessica on the same occasion.

The pandemic for almost two years has become a ‘test’ for the entire community, including the Balinese. Slowly, the economy improved.

However, for business actors in the tourism sector, it must be admitted that this is not an easy condition at all.

Therefore, there is an initiative from Bintang beer and Hypebeast to contribute to Bali to rise together.

Bintang and Hypebeast released a capsule collection as a Bintang Bali t-shirt with the theme #BersamaBali. Kaos Bintang Bali comes with eight designs in collaboration with eight labels, musicians, and artists.

“The Bintang Bali shirt is very iconic. Before this, there was no official Bintang t-shirt, all bootleg. Why don’t we make the official Bintang shirt? Then make it special by inviting collaborations with artists, Indonesian designers,” said Michael.

There are eight t-shirt designs by Ryan Adyputra (an artist from Yogyakarta), PNNY (a DJ and creative collective from Bali), Pleasure (a creative collective from Jakarta), Deva States (a label from Jakarta), Rollfast (a psych-rock band from Bali), Television Star (a skater-owned label from Bali), Ican Harem (a multidisciplinary artist from Bali), and Kismin Boys (a collective from Bali).

They also presented Bintang t-shirts with unique designs, such as Rollfast, which was inspired by the habit of people gathering while enjoying beer mixed with ice, then a t-shirt with the words ‘Beer + Es’ ​​was born, followed by ‘Beres’. Then don’t forget to put the ‘Liquid Astungkara’ remark, which is typical when waiting for a liquid salary or payment.

You don’t have to go to Bali to get a t-shirt as well as donate. Starting Sunday (28/11), T-shirts are sold online on the Zodiac Jakarta website with prices starting from IDR 300 thousand. Jessica said Bintang would double the sales revenue and then hand it over to the Rice for Bali organization.

Rice for Bali is an organization that will distribute donations to communities in need. Donations will be realized into the rice and other basic needs.

The founder of Rice for Bali, Anggie Wayan, said that the organization has also helped build houses for the poor as well as bicycles for children in need. He also appreciated the collaborative initiative and hoped that this could be a new spirit for the Balinese community.

“I witnessed firsthand how challenging life in Bali has been since the pandemic hit, even now, although the conditions are slowly getting better. So I founded Rice for Bali, and appreciate the support given by Bintang and Hypebeast, as well as collaborators,” he said.

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