Business65.000 Expats Working from Bali During the Pandemic

65.000 Expats Working from Bali During the Pandemic


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65.000 expatriates worked from Bali during the Covid-19 pandemic and 80 percent of them were digital nomad tourists. Director of Hotel Kirana Bali Adi Wisatya said the Island of the Gods became the second destination in the world after Barcelona, ​​which was chosen by digital nomads as a place to work. The reason is that Bali can provide a sense of security and comfort to live and work for a long time.

“Naturally, Bali has become a destination for all types of tourists, one of which is digital nomads. Even before the pandemic, the number reached 100.000 to 200.000 people living and working from Bali,” he said.

Digital nomad tourists, he continued, provide many benefits for the economy. This can be seen from the length of time tourists stay to work from Bali which can reach 6 months to 1 year.

With a long Length of Stay, the average expenditure of these digital nomad tourists is US$1.000 per person for one month. This amount is used to pay for housing rent, credit fees, vehicle rental, consumption, and other needs.

According to Adi, digital nomad tourists who work from Bali mostly come from Spain, Russia, Australia, and America. They mostly work in coworking spaces and villas.

This digital nomad tourist potential can be further expanded with clear regulations from the government. Such as the existence of special visas for expatriates, so that a sense of security living and working from Bali can be further built.

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