HealthA Rabid Dog Bit 6 People in Jembrana

A Rabid Dog Bit 6 People in Jembrana


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A dog bit two adults and four children in Jembrana regency of Bali. This is the eighth reported case of dog rabies in Bali in 2021.

This time the incident took place in the village of Batuagung, Jembrana regency. Before the 5-month-old puppy was diagnosed with rabies, it managed to bite 6 people from the family members and neighbors of its owner.

The dog had been biting people for several days from Saturday (May 22) to Thursday (May 27). Of the 6 victims, two are adults, one of whom is the dog’s owner, Ngurah Suartama, 39, and his neighbor, Ni Nyoman Nardi, 55. The other 4 victims are children, including the dog owner’s child and the neighbor’s children.

The head of the veterinary and public health department of the district department of agriculture and food, I Wayan Widarsa, added that this rabid dog died on Thursday 27 May.

A district department officer, along with a Jembrana district veterinarian, took a sample of the dog’s brain.

“We sent the samples to the Denpasar Veterinary Center on May 29th. Then, on the evening of May 31st, we received information that the result was positive for rabies,” Widarsa explained.

Subdistrict veterinarians immediately arrived in the village to examine the bite victims. The Jembrana Health Service then administered rabies vaccine (VAR) injections to 6 victims.

Victims will need to be vaccinated again one week after the first VAR injection.

As a result of the incident, 55 dogs and cats were vaccinated by the veterinary department in the village.

photo: vaccination of animals in Dauhwaru village

SourceNusa Bali


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