CrimeBeware of Counterfeit Money Circulating in Denpasar

Beware of Counterfeit Money Circulating in Denpasar


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Residents of Denpasar City and in general Bali must be aware of the circulation of counterfeit money in the community.

Recently a meatball trader in the Jalan Raya Pemogan area, Kepaon, Denpasar, became the victim of a buyer who made a payment transaction with a counterfeit Rp.20.000.

The seller of Bakso Ragil, Sigit (28) is now more vigilant in accepting payments from buyers at his meatball shop.

“Yesterday we received a payment from a customer and it was discovered that there was counterfeit money after we used it to return it to another customer. Then it was used to buy gasoline. The gasoline seller said the money was fake and then the customer who previously bought meatballs returned to us and informed us of the counterfeit money. And I remember that he bought meatballs here, “said Sigit.

“It turned out that after being checked, it was true that it was counterfeit money. So now we are more vigilant. We do not know who the perpetrator is, because at that time there were many customers,” he added.

Sigit is now more vigilant and does not want this incident to happen again or to happen to business actors or other residents.

After being seen, touched and looked at, and compared to the original rupiah currency, there is a difference in the banknote.

For example, in terms of texture, it is easier to tear, the size tends to be smaller than the original rupiah.

photo by Adrian Amurwonegoro / Tribun Bali

The Head of the BI Representative Office for the Province of Bali, Trisno Nugroho, asked the public to confirm the authenticity of the money obtained by recognizing the characteristics of the authenticity of the rupiah currency.

“By observing, touching, and observing (3D) or using assistive devices such as ultraviolet light,” said Trisno.

He explained that in the first quarter of 2021 the circulation of counterfeit money decreased significantly.

In the period from January to March 2020, there were 410 copies, while in the same period in 2021 there were 193 records.

“From these data, it was noted that the circulation of counterfeit money in 2021 decreased significantly. The circulation of counterfeit money is currently dominated by Rp 50.000 denominations,” explained Trisno Nugroho.

To anticipate victims of the circulation of counterfeit money, the Bank of Indonesia of Province Bali has taken various steps.

“Bank Indonesia, Bali Province, continues to educate the public about Rupiah currency and the characteristics of the authenticity of Rupiah currency,” he said.

The BI Province of Bali has also conveyed the characteristics of the authenticity of Rupiah currency through the social media Instagram Bank Indonesia Bali with the account @bank_indonesia_bali.

Threatened 15 Years in Prison

From the perspective of law enforcement in the case of counterfeit money, the Head of Public Relations of the Denpasar Police, the inspector I Ketut Sukadi, said that falsifying the money relates to Articles 244-245 of the Criminal Code.

“Regarding currency counterfeiting and banknotes, the maximum imprisonment is 15 years,” said Iptu Sukadi, May 22, 2021.

main illustration by Bloomberg


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