EcologyEnvironmental Care Community Commemorates World Turtle Day

Environmental Care Community Commemorates World Turtle Day


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The Preventing Plastic Into Ocean (PPITO) Community collaborated with residents caring for the environment to release hundreds of hatchlings on Saba Beach, Blahbatuh District, Friday (21/5) at 08.00.

The hatchlings were released to commemorate World Turtle Day, which will be celebrated on May 23. PPITO community coordinator Putu Durga Laksmi Devi, 19, invited the community, especially the younger generation, to preserve the turtle ecosystem.

“The task is to clean the beach area from plastic waste and release the hatchlings. But most important is the campaign for stopping the consumption of turtle meat. For the sake of protecting the turtle ecosystem, “explained Putu Durga.

The PPITO community, said Putu Durga, was created by young people as a critical response to the problem of plastic waste that gets into the sea. That the plastic floating in the sea is mistaken for jellyfish by turtles. So, when plastic is consumed, it will automatically endanger the life of turtles.

“It is undeniable that currently there are people still throwing garbage into the river. As a result, a beach becomes a landfill. Plastics are thought to be jellyfish, eaten by turtles. It causes the death of turtles,” explained Saba Asri Turtle Conservation Manager Made Kikik.

Made Kikik also asked the public to stop consuming turtle lawar dish.

“Let’s reduce the consumption of turtles. The development from hatchlings to turtles is very slow. Even though the hatchlings are often released, their number is small. Of the thousand that are released, at most one can live to adulthood. That will take decades,” he said.

“The main predator of turtles is human, if we don’t catch them, they will live safely. So reducing turtle consumption is easy, don’t just buy turtle satay or turtle lawar,” he said.

The Village Head of Saba Made Redhana appreciates the concern of this community. Some residents routinely clean up plastic waste in the Saba Beach area and release hatchlings. For reducing the circulation of plastic waste, 3 traditional villages in this area are actively holding plastic exchanges.

“The enthusiasm of our residents to sort plastic waste has started to inspire,” he added.

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