CrimeAn Adult Abused a Junior High School Student

An Adult Abused a Junior High School Student


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Another case of alleged sexual intercourse with a minor occurred in Buleleng. The victim is a 14-year-old girl with the initials M who lives in Singaraja. M, who is still a junior high school student, is suspected of having sex with AD, 40, who is related to the victim’s family.

The obscene act allegedly committed by the AD against victim M was only discovered in February 2021. The parent of the victim reported this case to the Buleleng Police, on May 12, 2021.

The information received was that the victim’s parents found out about the incident based on the confession of the child. According to M’s confession to her parents, she has been sexually assaulted by AD 4 times from December 2020 to February 2021.

AD worked in Denpasar but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, AD returned to Buleleng and lived together at the house of M’s parents. AD is a widower and had a girlfriend while living in Buleleng.

But over time, AD became interested in M. Finally, he managed to have sex with M 4 times.

M’s parents did not accept what happened to their daughter, chose to report to the Buleleng Police.

Head of Public Relations of the Buleleng Police, inspector Gede Sumarjaya, confirmed that a report had been received by the Buleleng Police regarding a case of alleged sexual intercourse with a minor.

Until now, according to Sumarjaya, the reported party (suspected AD perpetrator) has not yet been summoned for questioning. However, the report on the alleged sexual intercourse is still under further investigation. Meanwhile, victim M had already received a post mortem for the incident that happened to her.

So far, the investigators are still collecting several pieces of evidence regarding the alleged case of sexual intercourse with a minor.

“The reported party has not been summoned. There are only two witnesses, namely the victim’s parents as the reporter and the victim who has already been questioned. If the evidence is sufficient, then summoning or other coercive attempts will be made against the reported party, “said inspector Sumarjaya.

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SourceNusa Bali


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