Nature14 Rabid Dog Cases in Karangasem

14 Rabid Dog Cases in Karangasem


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There have been 14 cases of rabid dog bites in Karangasem Regency, Bali, starting from January to May 2021.

Bite cases are spread across eight sub-districts in Karangasem.

Most of them are in Abang, Bebandem, Selat, Rendang, Manggis, Kubu and Karamgasem Districts.

The head of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health, Karangasem Regency Agriculture Office, I Made Ari Susanta admitted that the rabid dogs had bitten several residents.

Most of the rabid dogs that bite residents have not received the vaccine.

“From January to May 2021, 14 dogs were found to be positive for rabies, and 11 bit people,” said Ari Susanta, Friday, May 21, 2021.

He added that in early March 2021 a dog bit five residents.

It happened in Ababi, Abang District, in Sengkidu, Manggis District, and at Pempatan Rendang District, 1 dog bit three people at once.

Fortunately, residents who had been bitten were immediately given the vaccine.

“The rabid dog cases were found in Rendang District (4 cases), Abang District (3 cases), Selat District and Bebandem District (2 cases each). And one case each in Karangasem, Manggis, and Kubu Districts,” admitted Ari Susanta.

To reduce cases of rabies-positive dogs, the Karangasem Regency Agriculture Office continues to push the vaccine process forward.

Currently, 17 villages in Karangasem Regency are a priority for giving anti-rabies vaccines.

Officers dispatch teams in each district so that the vaccine administration runs fast.

Dogs that are given the vaccine are stray dogs, dogs with owners, and dogs that are left alone.

The target of vaccination in 2021 is 74.105 dogs or 80% of the estimated dog population.

photo: anti-rabies vaccination; Tribun Bali


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