HealthGeNose Test is Provided at Padangbai Port for 300...

GeNose Test is Provided at Padangbai Port for 300 Passengers per Day


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Lebaran return flow in Padangbai Port began to normalize.

GeNose test service averages up to 300 passengers per day. There were no problems with the GeNose test results. Error can be possible if the passenger smokes and uses perfume. GeNose costs IDR 40.000 per person.

Head of the Padangbai Port Health Service Office, I Putu Suardiana, said that passenger arrivals began to normalize since Tuesday (18/5). The passengers undergo a GeNose test for Covid-19 detection. GeNose test service averages 300 passengers per day.

If a passenger is suffering from coughs and colds, he is advised to undergo a rapid antigen test.

“The GeNose test only takes three minutes, the results come out immediately,” said Putu Suardiana, Wednesday (19/5).

The GeNose test kit is very simple, only requiring a mini lab, computer, and an airbag. Each passenger is given an airbag. The passenger blew the airbag until it gets bloated. The air in the bag is analyzed using a tool.

The GeNose test service at Padangbai Port is located in the waiting room, next to the pedestrian passenger ticket counter. Officers provide 24-hour service, divided into three shifts. Analyst Ni Putu Puspa said that technically the GeNose test service had no obstacles.

“Only passengers who smoke and wear perfume can get errors because the device is sensitive to odors. In general, there are no obstacles, “said Putu Puspa.

Since Tuesday (18/5) the service has been normal, but on Wednesday (19/5) the passengers have started to decline.

The results of the GeNose test are used as an administrative requirement for passengers to cross.

photo: Antara

SourceNusa Bali


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