CrimeA Pimp Sentenced to 7 Years For Involving Minors

A Pimp Sentenced to 7 Years For Involving Minors


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Maulana Aldi, 20, an online prostitution pimp involving minors, was prosecuted for 7 years in prison by the Public Prosecutor (JPU) in an online trial that was held closed at the Denpasar District Court on Wednesday (19/5).

Attorney Dewi considered that the defendant’s actions were proven to have violated Article 76I in conjunction with Article 88 of the Republic of Indonesia Law Law Number 35 of 2014 concerning Child Protection.

“The defendant is charged with seven years in prison and a fine of Rp. 200 million, a subsidiary of four months in prison. This is because he is proven to have exploited the child economically or sexually,” said Aji Silaban as the defendant’s legal adviser.

Regarding the prosecutor’s demands, this lawyer from the PBH Peradi Denpasar office intends to submit a written pledge. “We were given a week by chief judge Angeliky Handajani Dai to prepare a written defense,” said Aji.

The disclosure of the practice of online prostitution aka Open Booking Online via the Michat application occurred due to the reports of the two victims with the initials KTA, and MF.

The two victims, who were still minors, began to be manipulated by the defendant from Bunder Village, Kabat, Banyuwangi, East Java from October 6 to November 30, 2020. Initially, the defendant took the two victims for a walk around the city of Denpasar until late at night by driving a car.

Then, the defendant invited the two victims to stay in one of the hotel rooms at the Oyo Putra Brothers Hotel on Jalan Tukad Badung, Denpasar City. However, while at that location the defendant asked the two victims to open an Open BO service because the defendant was unable to pay the rent for the hotel room.

Initially, the two victims had rejected the defendant’s request. However, because they continued to be coerced with threats, they finally followed the defendant’s orders. After that, the defendant then offered the services of the two victims to the masher via the Michat application. That night, the two victims served two guests in exchange for Rp. 150 thousand to Rp. 350 thousand.

Since then, the defendant continued to hawk the two victims every day. There were two hotels with three homestays that were used as a place to stay by the defendant, namely Hotel Amerta, Hotel Zenroom, Homestay Delalis, Homestay GM, around Jalan Gelogor Carik, and Homestay Graha Pande on Jalan Pulau Galang.

The defendant also did not hesitate to physically abuse the victim when they tried to escape. Until finally on December 1, 2020, the victims managed to escape and the defendant was finally arrested.

“At the time of the incident, KTA and MF were not yet eighteen years old, therefore they are still classified as children,” said Attorney Dewi in his indictment file.

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