CrimeA Man Was Slaughtered By His Son

A Man Was Slaughtered By His Son


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The sadistic murder case within the family yard occurred in Banjar Kayu Putih, Sanggalangit Village, Gerokgak District, Buleleng, Monday (17/5) afternoon. The victim was Wayan Purna, 72, allegedly slaughtered by his son, Gede Darmika, 51, who used a crowbar and ax.

The victim Wayan Purna died due to several serious injuries to his head. The back of the head was broken. Not only that, some of the victims’ bones were crushed from being hit with hard objects.

The murder of the father by his son took place Monday at 2:40 p.m. at the victim’s house, Banjar Kayu Putih area, Sanggalangit Village. The victim, Wayan Purna, had been living separately from his son, Gede Darmika, but is still in one village.

The deadly incident began when the father and son were mourning while helping to make a funeral ceremony at a neighbor’s house. It is said that the father and son had time to drink liquor at the place where they were mourning.

When they arrived at the victim’s house after returning from mourning, suddenly the father and son made a fuss, it was not clear what the problem was. The commotion led to a murder.

The son repeatedly hit his father with a crowbar. The victim, Wayan Purna, died covered in blood lying on his stomach in his yard.

According to the Head of Sanggalangit Headquarters, Nyoman Sudika, so far the chronology of the deadly incident is not certain. Wayan Purna and the child, Gede Darmika, often had disagreements.

“Someone heard that before the deadly incident, the father and son argued for returning from the mourning. No one knows the mode and motive yet. The family and residents were afraid, they didn’t dare approach when they saw the son taking the crowbar, ”said Nyoman Sudika.

This deadly incident was reported by residents to the police. Gerokgak police officers went to the location of the incident in Banjar Kayu Putih, Sanggalangit Village to evacuate the victim’s body and ask for information in the field. The perpetrator, Gede Darmika, was secured by the police without a fight at a neighbor’s house.

Gerokgak police chief, I Ketut Suaka, said that apart from arresting the perpetrator Gede Darmika, the police also secured three pieces of evidence in the form of a crowbar, ax, and sickle. The perpetrator and evidence were secured to the Gerokgak Police Headquarters. The Criminal Investigation Unit of the Gerokgak Police is still investigating which evidence the perpetrator used took his father’s life.

According to AKP Ketut Suaka, his party is still trying to find key witnesses who witnessed the child slaughter action against his father. For a while, the police have only asked for the testimony of 2 witnesses.

“We are still looking for other witnesses who saw the incident firsthand, to support the results of the investigation. We explore, whether the perpetrator committed persecution because of an old grudge or just a momentary emotion. We are currently collecting these data, “said AKP Ketut Suaka.

The victim also suffered a crush on his right calf, as well as cuts on his right back, left-back, and left thumb.

“From the results of the TKP and preliminary examinations, the victim and the perpetrator were under the influence of alcohol. We can’t confirm the mode of the incident yet, because it is still in the investigation stage, “said AKP Ketut Suaka.

Meanwhile, the body of the victim Wayan Purna was immediately handed over by the police to the family, after conducting the crime scene and external examination by the medical team yesterday afternoon. Until last night, the body of the victim was still in the funeral home in the Banjar Kayu Putih area, Sanggalangit Village, Gerokgak District.

Sanggalangit Chief Executive Officer, Nyoman Sudika, said that so far it has not been decided when the body of the victim Wayan Purna will be buried. The family is still looking for a good day for burial.

crowbar illustration by AP file

SourceNusa Bali


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