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6 People Got Push Up Sanctions For Wearing Masks Wrong Way


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The Justice Team of Denpasar City again took action against 6 people who used masks in a wrong manner during the joint raid on Jalan Gunung Galunggung Denpasar, Jalan Puputan, Jalan Sudirman, and Pula Kerthi Market Area Denpasar, Friday (14/5).

The head of The Civil Service Police Unit of Denpasar City, Dewa Gede Anom Sayoga said that to suppress the transmission of Covid-19, he had again implemented enforcement of health protocols. This time the officers caught 6 offenders. All violators were given guidance for wearing masks according to the rules.

If there is someone who is not wearing a mask, they will be fined on the spot if there is any control. Meanwhile, those who incorrectly use a mask will be given guidance and push-up sanctions.

To provide a deterrent effect on that occasion the offender is also given push-up sanctions on the spot and must sign a statement of not violating again.

“If later they are found violating again, then they must be ready to accept firmer action,” he explained.

To suppress the crowd after Idul Fitri, Sayoga admitted that his party would continue to disseminate health protocols to the public. So that no one violates the health protocol. For the good of everyone, Sayoga admitted that he would continue to urge the public to always adhere to the 6M health protocol.

“Such as wearing standard masks properly, washing hands, maintaining distance, reducing travel, increasing immunity, and obeying the rules. In this way, he hopes that the transmission of Covid-19 can be stopped. Given that positive cases of Covid-19 are still being found,” he said.

SourceNusa Bali


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