CrimeThe Parents of a Victim Ask for Justice

The Parents of a Victim Ask for Justice


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The parents of the victim of underage sexual intercourse, KMW, 14, who was rotated by 10 males in October 2020, went to the Singaraja District Court (PN), Monday (10/5).

The arrival of the victim’s family was accompanied by several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for Buleleng Child Protection Activists and was received by Singaraja PN Nyoman Dipa Public Relations.

The victim’s parents expressed their disappointment because the 7 perpetrators who were still children of a total of 10 perpetrators, were only charged with 1 year in prison plus 4 months of social work by the Public Prosecutor (JPU) in the trial.

The case itself is still rolling at the Singaraja District Court with an agenda for a decision to be read out on Tuesday (11/5).

The biological mother of the KMW victim, Komang A, admitted that she came to the Singaraja District Court only to convey her complaint because the prosecutor’s demands against the defendant were too light and did not fulfill the sense of justice. And if the defendants continue to receive the criminal sentence, it is feared that a similar case will arise in Buleleng.

“We, the victim’s family, do not accept the prosecutor’s demands. If they are punished lightly, they will not be deterred. This could have an impact, reoccurring to other children. It is feared that there will be other victims like my son, ” she said.

She hopes that the panel of judges will consider the request of the victim’s family in its decision later.

“I ask for justice so that the panel of judges will pass a sentence that is in line with their actions,” added KMW.

Child protection activist, Made Ricko Wibawa, said that his party is assisting the families of the victims for their objections to the demands for criminal sentences that are considered light.

“When the victim’s family complained, feeling that they were not getting justice with the prosecutor’s demands, we facilitated the victim’s family to have a voice,” said Ricko.

In accordance with what the prosecutor said, if the victim’s family has objections to the prosecutor’s demands, they can convey it to the panel of judges.

“The legal process has been passed. The charges have been running until the trial. Our aim is only to hear dissatisfaction with the charges. We do not have the intention and authority (to intervene), but at least our voices are heard, “added Ricko.

Public Relations of the Singaraja PN, I Nyoman Dipa, said that the arrival of the victim’s family to the Singaraja District Court was to convey disappointment over the prosecution’s charges against the defendant which were considered light.

His party, as the public relations representative of the court, would certainly accept and hear what was said.

“But for the trial, later the panel of judges will decide independently without any intervention from anyone,” said Nyoman Dipa.

illustration by LOIC VENANCE / AFP

SourceNusa Bali


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