CrimeRapid Test Counterfeiters Caught In Gilimanuk

Rapid Test Counterfeiters Caught In Gilimanuk


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The Jembrana Police arrested the perpetrators of falsification of the Rapid Test and travel documents, Sunday (9/5). The three suspects, respectively Adi Sujarwo, 39, Khoirul Anam, 28, and Robi Hafid Hindawan, 22.

These three suspects had their roles. The suspect Adi Sujarwo, from Krajan Hamlet, Boreng Village, Lumajang District, Lumjang, East Java (Jatim), is a dodgy travel driver who became a fake rapid test user.

Then the suspect Khoirul Anam, from Tegalsari Hamlet / Village, Ambulu District, Jember, East Java, played a role as a fake rapid test suket seller.

Meanwhile, the suspect, Robi Hafid Hindawan, from Tegalsari Kidul Hamlet, Purwo Asri Village, Tegal Dlimo District, Banyuwangi, East Java, was the fake rapid test maker.

Jembrana Police Chief, AKBP I Ketut Gede Adi Wibawa, during the release of the case at the Jembrana Police Headquarters, Monday (10/5), said that the case of fake rapid test and travel documents was revealed from an inspection at the blocking post at the Cekik junction, Gilimanuk Village, Jembrana, on Sunday (9/5) in the morning at 01.00. At that time, Adi Sujarwo, who was driving Avanza car DK 1100 FQ, showed 7 sheets of rapid antigen test and 7 sheets of travel documents for him and his 6 passengers.

However, during the examination, the rapid test antigen that was shown by Adi Sujarwo looked suspicious. It was issued on behalf of Siloam Hospital, Badung, on April 8, 2021.

After being questioned, the suspect Adi Sujarwo admitted that he had prepared a rapid test certificate including a pass in the name of the Head of the Jero Kuta Environment, Jimbaran Village, Badung, for the passengers.

Adi Sujarwo said that the rapid test was obtained by purchasing through his friend, Khoirul Anam alias Irul in Kuta, Badung area.

After receiving this information, the Police Chief AKBP Adi Wibawa immediately ordered the Jembrana Police Reskrim to carry out the development. As a result, on Sunday morning at 05.00, the officer managed to secure the suspect, Irul.

Once interrogated, the suspect, Irul, who is a casual worker, admitted that he had bought the rapid tests from the suspect, Robi Hafid Hindawan. Receiving this statement, the officers immediately moved to secure the suspect, Robi Hafid Hindawan, who also lives in the Kuta area.

From the results of further interrogation, the suspect, Robi Hafid Hindawan, who worked as an employee at a finance company in Badung, admitted that he made fake rapid tests following the example of a test that had been taken by one of his friends at Siloam Hospital, Badung.

Likewise, for travel documents, he faked them on behalf of one of the Heads of the Environment, Jimbaran Badung Urban Village, which was obtained by the suspect Adi Sujarwo.

“We have already investigated it with the Siloam Hospital and the Head of the Environment in Jimbawan, it is certain that there is no-issuance of a rapid test sequence with the names concerned,” said AKBP Adi Wibawa.

From the confession of the suspect, Robi Hafid Hindawan, he collaborated with Khoirul Anam to find people who intend to make rapid tests. The suspect charged a price of between Rp 50.000 to Rp 100.000 per item. When there is a buyer, the result was divided in half.

For almost 5 months of making fake rapid test certificates, the suspect, Robi Hafid Hindawan, has only received customers several times and only received a total of around Rp. 1,1 million from the making of the fake rapid test letter.

“The confession is rarely made. But we are still investigating the information, “said AKBP Adi Wibawa.

Various pieces of evidence were secured. From Robi Hafid Hindawan were secured 1 laptop, 1 printer, 1 envelope box, 2 cellphones (HP), 4 freshly printed fake documents, a BCA ATM card, a stamp, and IDR 100.000 in cash. Then from the suspect, Khoirul Anam was secured a cellphone and Rp 200,000 in cash.

Meanwhile, from Adi Sujarwo, were secured two cellphones, 1 unit of Avanza car number DK 1100 FQ, 7 sheets of fake antigen rapid test, and 7 sheets of fake travel documents.

For this act, the three suspects who were arrested at the Jembrana Police Headquarters were threatened with being charged under Article 263 paragraph 1 and 2 of the Criminal Code or Article 268 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code with the threat of 6 years imprisonment.

photo by Tribun Bali

SourceNusa Bali


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