HealthMass Vaccination of 125 Dogs Took Place in Pegending

Mass Vaccination of 125 Dogs Took Place in Pegending


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The Klungkung Agriculture Service (Distan) officers in charge of animal affairs held a mass vaccination against 125 dogs, in the Pegending Neighborhood, Semarapura Kauh Village, Klungkung District, Monday (10/5) morning.

Officers also eliminated a dog, that had a close contact with a dog suspected of being positive for rabies, which attacked 16 Pegending residents, since Saturday (8/5) night.

Dozens of dog bite victims have all received the Anti-Rabies Vaccine (VAR) at the Klungkung I Health Center, Gelgel Village, Klungkung District. Head of the Klungkung Agriculture Service, Ida Bagus Juanida, said that the vaccination of dogs in the Pegending Environment has been accelerated.

“Because there were residents who were bitten by a dog, the vaccination was carried out in an emergency,” said IB Juanida.

Residents also brought their pets to be witnessed by traveling officers in the Pegending neighborhood. At least 125 dogs were vaccinated and 1 dog was eliminated.

It was stated that the total number of residents who reported being bitten by a dog suspected of rabies in the Pegending neighborhood continued to increase. Initially, data per Sunday (9/5) only recorded 11 cases of bites. However, until last Monday there were 5 more people based on reports received by the Klungkung Health Office.

IB Juanida added, until now there are 11 villages / wards in mainland Klungkung (Klingkung, Dawan and Banjarangkan Districts) that are in the rabies red zone. These 11 villages / wards are Semarapura Kauh, Kamasan Village, Selisihan Village, Manduang Village, Dawan Kaler Village, Dawan Klod Village, Besan Village, Pesinggahan Village, Takmung Village, Tihingan Village and Nyalian Village.

“For Nusa Penida, since 2017 there have been no more rabies dog bites,” said IB Juanida.

Previously, a dog suspected of rabies went berserk and bit 11 residents in Pegending Ward, Semarapura Village, Klungkung District, for two consecutive days since Saturday night. After biting the eleventh victim, the dog was immediately killed by residents and thrown into the river on Sunday morning.

It is known that the dog that bit the residents was originally wild, but was kept by a resident. Then, the dog was released.

photo by Nusa Bali

SourceNusa Bali


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