HealthThe New Covid Variant in Badung is Called a...

The New Covid Variant in Badung is Called a Local Transmission


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Head of the Badung Regency Health Service, Dr. I Nyoman Gunarta, said the patient from Badung with the new Covid-19 variant from South Africa had purely a local transmission and had never traveled abroad.

Local transmission is a term used to describe the occurrence of transmission from sufferers to other people in one area. Meanwhile, Domestic Travel Actors (PPDN) are infected cases outside the region (still in Indonesia), and Foreign Travel Actors (PPLN) are infected outside Indonesia.

“No (not traveling abroad). Pure local transmission. The person concerned was in a previous sick condition and he never traveled, “said Gunarta, on Wednesday (5/5).

However, based on the results of the Epidemiological Tracing (PE) carried out by the joint team of the Ministry of Health, Bali Provincial Health Office, Badung Health Office, and continued with serum sampling from close contacts, the results of tracing and family testing showed negative results.

“When we did Epidemiological Tracing, all the families were in good health, there were no symptoms of Covid-19 and all were willing to take blood samples for examination and research for antibodies,” explained Gunarta.

Unfortunately, Gunarta was reluctant to answer which village the new variant of the Covid-19 patient from South Africa came from. However, he said that the Badung Regency Government had conducted a zoom meeting with the Ministry of Health, Provincial Health Office, as well as from the village / Banjar from which the patient came, and immediately took quick steps to anticipate a wider spread.

“The person concerned is a native Balinese, lives in Badung, and a native of Badung,” said Gunarta while appealing to people not to panic and to remain disciplined in implementing the health program, and following the Covid-19 vaccination program according to predetermined stages.

SourceNusa Bali


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