TransportJavanese Travelers Surging in Gilimanuk

Javanese Travelers Surging in Gilimanuk


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Before the implementation of the ban on mudik going home on May 6, there was a surge in the flow of homecoming from Bali to Java at Gilimanuk Port, Jembrana.

According to one of the officers, there were more travelers with two-wheeled vehicles on Saturday (1/5) night than Friday (30/4). The surge of travelers on Saturday night began to occur around 23.00 and returned to normal entering Sunday at around 01.00 am. “They probably departed after tarawih prayer. That’s why it’s just a busy night, “he said.

The Coordinator of the Gilimanuk Port Service Unit (Korsatpel) at the Bali-NTB Land Transportation Management Agency (BPTD) I Nyoman Sastrawan, said the surge in travelers carrying motorbikes occurred only at night. Meanwhile, for the morning or afternoon, it remains quiet.

“The only thing that jumped was the number of motorbikes. “Four wheels are still normal,” he said.

Despite the surge, Sastrawan said, there were no long queues. The flow of travelers continues to run smoothly to the port. But because they had arrived almost at the same time, the two-wheeled vehicle had packed the counters to show the tickets that had been purchased online and at the booths selling crossing tickets. “It’s still relatively stable. It doesn’t keep busy, “he said,

According to Sastrawan, the travelers, intentionally returned to their hometowns early to avoid the ban on going home on May 6.

“Starting on May 6 at 00.00, you are not allowed to go home [for mudik]. It is allowed later only for urgent needs. In addition to carrying the requirements for the Covid-19 test, you must also bring a certificate from the village or area of ​​departure. Civil servants must show a letter of assignment or a statement from their superiors, “he explained.

SourceNusa Bali


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