Crime5 Drunk Men in Bali Raped an Employee Going...

5 Drunk Men in Bali Raped an Employee Going Home from Work


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Five men in Bali raped an 18-year-old employee who was returning from work. The victim was initially forcibly picked up by the perpetrators at a market where the victim worked.

“On Friday, April 30, 2021, at around 23.30, the victim went home from work. Then the victim was forcibly picked up in front of the shop,” said Head of Police Headquarters of the Gianyar Police, The Adjunct Police Commissioner Laorens Rajamangapul Heselo in a written statement, Monday (3/5/2021).

The crime was carried out by 5 men with the initials GA (25), CA (22), PR (41), AAGD (27), and GNAC (30). The perpetrators were drunk while doing it.

Laorens Rajamangapul Heselo said one of the suspects initially picked up the victim because he wanted to take her for a walk. The victim did not want to do this, but the suspect grabbed the victim’s hand to get on the motorbike.

The victim was forced to ride a motorbike because she was ashamed that there were many people around.

The victim was then invited to the drinking location with the other suspects. At that location, the victim was about to be raped, but the victim screamed. The suspects took the victim to a garden and took turns raping the girl. As a result of this incident, the victim finally reported to the Gianyar Police.

From this report, the police then succeeded in arresting the GA and CA perpetrators in their homes. Meanwhile, the other perpetrators, namely PR, AAGD, and GNAC, surrendered themselves and were taken by their families to the Gianyar Police. From the results of the investigation, it was revealed that GA had threatened the victim.

“GA threatened the victim that her nude photos would be distributed to social media. Because of the fear, the victim finally followed the wishes of GA,” explained Laorens.

The five suspects are currently detained at the Gianyar Police for further processing. They can be charged with Article 285 of the Criminal Code (KUHP) with a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison.

Illustration by: National Herald



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