Culture3 Name Suggested for the Capital of Bangli Regency

3 Name Suggested for the Capital of Bangli Regency


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Towards the 817th anniversary of Bangli which will fall on May 10, 2021, a proposal has emerged to make a new name for the capital city of Bangli Regency.

So far Bangli has not had the name of a capital city. In the meantime, there are 3 proposals for the name of the capital city of Bangli, namely Arumpura, Prameswara Pura, and Sukha Pura.

Regarding the proposal for the name of the capital for the Bangli Regency, the Bangli Regency Government officials specifically held a prayer at Pura Kehen, Cempaga Traditional Village, Bangli District, Monday (26/4) night. This collective prayer was held to request Ida Bhatara’s guidance to get blessings and gifts, including regarding the name of the capital city of Bangli.

After the prayer, the Regent conveyed that there were 3 names proposed by the figures of Puri Agung Bangli regarding the name of the capital city of Bangli. The three proposals are Arumpura, Prameswara Pura, and Sukha Pura respectively.

“The names of the proposed capitals are based on Purana,” explained Sedana Arta.

Even though there have been proposed names, said Sedana Arta, there are still opportunities for the public to convey their aspirations. Later, the name of the capital city of Bangli will be determined after a thorough discussion.

“We will hold discussions by inviting historians and academics. Of course, we hope that the name of the capital can be accepted by all parties. For that, we need to deepen it,” said the Regent.

According to Sedana Arta, the name of the capital which will be decided later will be the pride of the people of Bangli. The name of the capital is expected to be able to solidify the people of Bangli.

However, the determination of the name of this capital did not need to be hasty.

“It’s good if it can be completed before the Bangli Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia Anniversary (17 August 2021). However, if it needs further discussion, of course, the time will be opened as widely as possible, ” he said.

Meanwhile, the figure of Puri Agung Bangli, Dr. dr. AA Gede Putra Wiraguna said that in the previous discussion, there were 3 proposals for the name of the capital city of Bangli. According to Putra Wiraguna, the three proposed names correspond to three civilizations.

For the first proposal, namely Arumpura, said Putra Wiraguna, referring to the palm trees in Puri Agung Bangli and Raja Purana Batur. Arumpura itself stands for Arum which means fragrant.

“The Bangli Royal Palace in the 1600s was the Arum Castle which is currently still in existence,” explained Putra Wiraguna. Also, the palace is in the city center which is the 0 point of Bangli Regency.

Meanwhile, the name Prameswara Pura, said Putra Wiraguna, refers to several sources.

“Prameswara is a form of respect where Ida Bhatara Prameswara is credited with uniting the Bangli people. At that time, Bangli was emptied because of the plague. Pretending to be neglected. Then, Bangli residents were successfully summoned and resided in Bangli,” he said.

Furthermore, Ida Betara Prameswara required all residents to return to Bangli. Then, on May 10, 1204 AD, the people returned to their homes in Bangli. Therefore, May 10 is celebrated as Bangli’s anniversary until now.

Meanwhile, the name Sukha Pura as a proposal for the capital city of Bangli, according to Putra Wiraguna, represents a milestone in the history of the Balinese government from the Bangli region. In 1058 AD, the center of the kingdom was moved to Sukawana Village by Sri Aji Anak Wungsu.

Puncak Penulisan Temple in Sukawana Village, which was once the Keraton of Raja Sri Ugrasena, was used as the center of the kingdom by Sri Aji Anak Wungsu and named Sukha Pura.

photo: Penglipuran village in Bangli, best known for its well-preserved culture and village layout with traditional houses

SourceNusa Bali


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