IncidentsFacts of KRI Nanggala-402

Facts of KRI Nanggala-402


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The submarine KRI Naggala-402, which lost contact from Wednesday (21/4) to Sunday (25/4), has not been found. The TNI (national army of Indonesia) has designated the KRI Nanggala-402 with the status of sub sunk (submarine sunk) or drowned.

However, the rescue operation was continued with the assistance of the United States military.

According to the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy (KSAL) Admiral TNI Yudo Margono, Nanggala 402 is estimated to be at a depth of 700 to 850 meters below sea level in Bali waters.

“The depth that we detected is at a depth of 850 [meters]. So it is very risky and very difficult [for rescue and evacuation],” said Yudo during a press conference.

During the press conference, the TNI raised the status of the search for KRI Nanggala 402 from submission to the sub sunk phase. Furthermore, the TNI prepared a medical evacuation, as a response if any crew members were found.

Yudo explained that the sub sunk status was taken after several pieces of goods from the KRI Nanggala were found. Some of the authentic evidence found were torpedo tubes, drinking water tubes, and prayer tools around a 10-kilometer radius from the search point.

The finding is believed to be part of the KRI Nanggala because no other ships have passed in the area. The TNI then hypothesized that the ship had cracks.

“With the tools (splinters and goods) that have come out, cracks occur. Because within 700-800 meters there will certainly be cracks in the submarine. So that the goods come out because these goods are inside,” he said.

“With the authentic evidence it is believed to belong to Nanggala, so now we are signaling to raise the status from submission to sub sunk phase. However, we cannot confirm how are they [condition of the crew] because we have not found it,” said Yudo.

Due to the cracks in the hull of the submarine, it was confirmed that water had entered. However, Yudo explained, not necessarily all parts of the ship were submerged. The reason is, there is a cabin that is safe from invading water because the compartment is tightly closed.

TNI Commander Marshal TNI Hadi Tjahjanto confirmed that the KRI Nanggala did not explode. Even though the ship had cracked and was at a depth of more than 800 meters above the water level, the explosion was not heard.

“There were splinters of cracks, yes, because of the gradual cracking in certain parts, it began to fall from a depth of 300-500 [meters]. There was no explosion because if there was one, it would be heard,” Hadi explained.

With this condition, there are two possible assumptions in KRI Nanggala. First, the oxygen reserves inside have been depleted because it has passed the 72-hour limit since contact was declared lost.

Second, it is possible that the oxygen reserves can last up to five days. This assumption occurs if there are no blackout events. In the sense that there is still electricity in the ship, which means that there is still power working.

“I will tell you 72 hours when the ship goes blackout. But if it doesn’t go blackout, if there is electricity, [the oxygen reserve] can last up to five days. We can’t see whether it is a blackout or not, “said Yudo.

This assumption makes the TNI optimistic. The TNI believes that the entire crew of the submarine, numbering 53 people, will apply oxygen-saving during drowning. Because of this, the TNI will continue to make maximum efforts to search.

The P-8 Poseidon aircraft belonging to the United States Navy which arrived on Saturday (24/4) also participated in the search for the KRNI Nanggala 402 ship. The P-8 began its action at 16.00.

The search points are still scattered 23 miles from North Bali or about 43 kilometers from Celukan Bawang.

photo by: AP photo


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