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Bali Government Tries to Increase Trans Metro Dewata Bus Passengers


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The bus, which serves four corridors in the Sarbagita Agglomeration Area, which includes Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar, and Tabanan, is considered by some parties to be of no use in reducing congestion in the area.

Initially, the bus was expected to increase public interest in using public transportation.

Regarding this, the Head of the Bali Transportation Service (Kadishub), I Gde Wayan Samsi Gunarta, denied this assumption.

He admitted that at this time the Trans Metro Dewata Bus had begun to increase the number of passengers, although he admitted that it was still not optimal.

“There has been an increase, but it has not been maximized,” he said when confirmed, Sunday, April 25, 2021.

He admitted that currently the majority of Balinese people still prefer to use transportation modes in the form of private cars and motorbikes.

“Now the problem is however there are other options in society, say motorbikes, private cars are still comfortable now,” he said.

When asked whether his party was not losing money in the operation of the Trans Metro Dewata Bus due to the lack of interest from passengers, Samsi replied diplomatically.

Samsi said that the Trans Metro Dewata Bus is indeed operated as a commuter that must continue to run under any conditions.

As is known, this bus is an extension of the Trans Sarbagita Bus service and the Government provides a 100 percent subsidy for vehicle operating costs.

“That is called a commuter, the commuter has to walk, it is provided like a conveyor belt, like escalators in malls, it is important that the public uses it,” he said.

Samsi also admitted that he was optimistic that the public’s interest in using the Trans Metro Dewata Bus was increasing, especially at the end of the pandemic.

“Well, if for example, the pandemic ends, it has jammed and Trans Metro Dewata can continue to escape, maybe they will think differently,” he explained.

Therefore, his party admitted that he had made several breakthroughs to increase the bus passengers.

One of them is confident by collaborating with the Bali Provincial Education Office and districts/cities in the Sarbagita area.

This collaboration is to encourage students not to use private vehicles and to use the Trans Metro Dewata Bus to school.

“We have also coordinated with our Education Office to encourage students to use public transport rather than private,” he said.

Not only that but his party is also designed to regulate traffic lights to prioritize the Trans Metro Dewata Bus.

“Because now the traffic light is being set according to the Trans Metro. So, later on, Trans Metro will be prioritized as a priority,” he said.

Samsi also said that the increase in airport parking rates is also expected to increase the attractiveness of the public to use these buses.

“So ensuring the availability of airport transportation, especially now that parking rates are going up, and that’s where the Trans Metro comes, no need to think about parking, rain,” he explained.

photo by Indo Bali News


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