CrimeSyndicate of ATM Breakers in Bali Was Arrested

Syndicate of ATM Breakers in Bali Was Arrested


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Six suspects who broke into an automated teller machine (ATM) customer accounts were successfully arrested by Bali Regional Police Resmob.

The six people have the initials G (45), D (40), A (27) S (39), A (36) H (44). The six people are the members of a syndicate breaking into customer money that has carried out their actions in several regions in Indonesia. By the police, they are now detained and charged under Article 363 of the Criminal Code.

Director of Criminal Investigation of the Bali Police, Kombes Pol Djuhandhani Rahardjo Puro, Friday (23/04/21) revealed that the ATM burglary mode is unique, namely that the perpetrator blocks the ATM card hole using plastic pieces from a mineral water bottle.

“The first culprit entered the ATM room and pretended to do a transaction then blocked the hole where the card was inserted using a tool in the form of a plastic piece from a used mineral water bottle,” he said.

When the victim inserts the card and presses the ATM PIN, the machine automatically cannot access the ATM card and cancels the transaction. Then, the second perpetrator entered the ATM room and pretended to help the victim.

“While taking advantage of the victim’s panic situation because the ATM card was swallowed, the perpetrator ordered the victim to press the PIN again so that the perpetrator could find out the victim’s PIN, the perpetrator also ordered to call the bank call center,” he explained.

After that, the third perpetrator who was outside the ATM pretending to be doing the transaction knocked on the glass door and advised the victim to contact the bank.

“So that after the victim exits the ATM he can freely take the money in the victim’s balance, while the other three perpetrators are watching the situation from around the location,” he explained.

As explained by Kommbes Djuhandhani, the six people were a syndicate of ATM burglars that had carried out their actions in various regions across provinces from North Sumatra, Bogor to Denpasar, Bali.

One of the victims in the burglary action was a Japanese citizen with the initials MO.

“The victim suffered a loss of up to Rp 36.900.000. (Thirty-six million nine hundred thousand) rupiah,” he explained.

The Bali Police’s Ditreskrimum Resmob Team also stepped in to conduct an investigation. Based on the CCTV in the ATM room and identification of the perpetrator’s face and body posture, the six suspected suspects were arrested on April 22 at 17:00, after the official team followed the perpetrator the day before.

They were hiding in a villa in the village of Tibubeneng, Badung district.

“According to the perpetrator’s statement they had acted at several ATMs in Denpasar,” explained Kombes Djuhandhani.

During the arrest, several pieces of evidence were obtained including two pieces of plastic used by the perpetrator to act, proof of transactions, and several other items.

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