DevelopmentSolar Energy Technology Turns Lake Batur Bali Water Into...

Solar Energy Technology Turns Lake Batur Bali Water Into Drinkable Water


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Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) system, which is the result of a collaboration between PT Surya Utama Nuansa (SUN Energy) and the Batur UNESCO Global Geopark Tourism Management Agency, was inaugurated on Thursday (22/4/2021).

The reverse osmosis powered by solar panels is expected to be the first step for sustainable environmental conservation, especially Lake Batur as a natural heritage and one of the reservoirs for the majority of people on the island of Bali.

Previously, from the results of pollution level testing, the water quality of Lake Batur was classified as under clean water quality and not suitable for consumption due to exposure to chemical substances.

The increase in the population rate along with the high activity that drives the economy such as agriculture, as well as the behavior of household waste disposal are the main factors of pollution and silting of Lake Batur.

“The UNESCO Global Geopark Batur Tourism Management Agency wants to open a new tourism era in 2021 by implementing energy conservation through the use of solar power which can process lake water into drinking water to meet the clean water needs of the people of Lake Batur. We collaborate with SUN Energy to provide Lake Batur water management technology” said Gede Wiwin Suyasa – Director of the UNESCO Global Geopark Batur Tourism Management Agency, Friday (23/4/2021).

With Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) technology, the process of filtering lake water using a reverse osmosis membrane pump can filter out metal ions contained in lake water.

Water filtration technology utilizes solar energy as a driving force for pumps and filters so that it is more economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly. If it operates for 4 hours, the BWRO engine can produce 1.200 liters of clean water.

The use of this technology is one of the efforts to develop the water quality of Lake Batur so that it becomes a source of clean water that can be utilized by the people around Lake Batur.

SUN Energy’s representative, I Made Aditya Suryawidya, SUN Energy’s Head of Business Solutions, said that new and renewable energy plays an important role in sustainable development.

“With the capacity of the solar panels used to operate pumps and filters of 2.7 kWp, the Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) BWRO can produce water with a TDS number of 10-20 ppm, which means it is drinkable because according to the health standard for proper water. Drinking water must be below 500 ppm. “

As a form of dedication and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the community, SUN Energy distributes 100 gallons of drinking water that is fit for consumption sourced from Lake Batur to 48 temples located around Lake Batur.

In the future, they will get free access to fill the gallon water.

SUN Energy also collaborates with the UNESCO Global Geopark Batur Tourism Management Agency to hold training for 53 youth who are the members of the UNESCO Global Geopark Batur Youth Forum community in providing education about the role of young people in sustainable development.

photo by Authentic Indonesia


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