CrimeDepressed Russian Stole Helmets

Depressed Russian Stole Helmets


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A Russian citizen stole 4 helmets from a parking lot in Pererenan on Tuesday 15 April. Experts investigating the incident report that the perpetrator was drunk and depressed after breaking up with his girlfriend.

Ivan Kashataev, 25, had to meet with the police after injured American Hana Leona and German Ronald Jauh reported the theft to law enforcement agencies.

The head of the criminal investigation department of the police, Mengwi Ketut Wivin Wirahadi, said: “The attacker stole the helmets in a state of depression and stress caused by the influence of alcohol and a breakup with a girl.”

Ketut Wivin Wirahadi said that on Tuesday, April 15, Ivan surfed and drank alcohol on Pererenan Beach. In the evening, Ivan returned drunk home to the villa. On the way, he saw two parked bikes with helmets lying on them, which he took with him. They were two adults and two children’s helmets.

“Upon arrival at the villa, he immediately fell asleep, and the next day he realized that he had stolen the helmets and wanted them back because he was afraid because of his karma belief,” explained Ketut Wivin Wirahadi.

On Saturday, April 17, police officers came to Ivan’s home. Ivan apologized for the theft, admitted the mistake, and said that he did not want to steal.

According to the head of the criminal investigation department, the victims forgave Ivan. They agreed to a peaceful settlement of the incident and decided not to pursue the case with the police.



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