Health2 Balinese Committed Suicides

2 Balinese Committed Suicides


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On Sunday (18/4), two residents committed suicide in Tabanan Regency, by hanging themselves. The first incident, in Banjar Cau, Tua Village, Marga District. The victim, Ida Bagus Kresna Debby Putra, 25, died in his room hanging from a Scout rope at around 11.30. The condition of the victim when he was found was stiff and blue.

Before being found dead, victim Ida Bagus Debby wrote a letter stating that he regretted being born in his family and feeling like he had no siblings. The contents of the letter were, “Sorry to be born in this family, to have irresponsible siblings, only taking care of themselves”.

The victim Ida Bagus Debby was found by his grandmother, AA Rai Kawi, who suspected that the victim’s food, which was usually hung at the door, was not being taken. Even though Friday (16/4) at 16.00, she saw the victim finished taking a shower and entered the room.

Suspicious of these oddities, witness AA Rai Kawi also checked the victim’s room. To her surprise, the victim was seen hanging in his room with a Scout rope. The victim hanged from the ceiling of the room behind the door. His condition was already stiff and the victim’s body turned blue.

The victim is estimated to have died on Saturday (17/4). Meanwhile, the victim’s motive was determined to hang himself because of economic problems.

The incident also occurred in Banjar Pembangunan, Tegal Jadi Village, Marga District. The victim, I Made Sunarya, 61, hanged himself from a star fruit tree behind his house, wearing a blue scarf at around 14:45. The victim was suspected of being depressed. Because the victim has a history of nerve pain that did not heal and has been on the operating table frequently.

Head of Public Relations of the Tabanan Police, Iptu I Nyoman Subagia, explained that the suicide case in Marga Subdistrict with a different location had been handled by the police.

For the first incident in Banjar Cau, Tua Village, Marga Subdistrict, against the victim Ida Bagus Debby, the motive was due to economic problems. “It’s because of economic problems,” said I Nyoman Subagia.

The second incident in Banjar Pembangunan, Tegal Jadi Village, Marga Subdistrict, with I Made Sunarya, was caused by depression. The victim had a history of nerve pain.

“The victim was found by his in-law when he went to the back garden and saw that the victim had hanged himself from a star fruit tree,” he said.

Both families refused to autopsy the victim’s body and accepted the victim’s death as a disaster.

“The two victims have purely hanged themselves based on the examination of medical officers who were invited to the scene,” said Iptu Sebagia.

SourceNusa Bali


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