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Sugihan Jawa and Sugihan Bali – Preparations for Galungan Holiday


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Before one of the biggest holidays of the year, Galungan, the Balinese celebrate many other significant days associated with it. Among them are Sugihan Jawa and Sugihan Bali. In 2021, they fell on April 8 and 9.

According to the calculations of the Balinese calendar, in April 2021, Hindus celebrate 17 religious holidays.

Sugihan Jawa and Sugihan Bali are considered holy days by Hindus, which are suitable for purification rituals of the grand universe (macrocosm) or Bhuana Agung, as well as the small universe (microcosm in the form of a person) or Bhuana Alit.

“The cleaning up of the macrocosm of Bhuana Agung is done by cleaning up debris from nature, preserving nature, and cleaning the place of prayer so that it looks clean for making offerings,” explained priest Jero Mangku Ketut Maliarsa from Campuhan Windhu Temple Segara.

“It is believed that the sacred day of Sugihan Bali purifies the very human nature (Bhuana Alit), which is often called the microcosm. This is how physical and mental purity increases in a person,” the priest explained.

The word “Sugihan” comes from the word “sugi”, which means purification or purification, and has the suffix – an, which means “to do it.”

The word Jawa in the name of the holiday Sugihan Jawa comes from the word “jaba”, which means “outside” or “surrounding nature”. The word Bali in the name of the holiday Sugihan Bali comes from the word “kembali” which translates as “back” and means the return of man to his nature “, – this is how the priest Jero Mangku Ketut Maliarsa explained the philosophy of the name of the holidays.

The purification of human nature is carried out during the ceremony of the sacred bathing of Melukat at holy springs, at the junctions of rivers, on the beaches.

“Cleansing of negative processes in the mind is equally important, with the application of religious teachings about truth,” the priest added.

Cleansing for Balinese is important in the run-up to Galungan Day, which marks the victory of the order of Dharma over the disorder of Adharma.

Galungan in Bali will take place on April 14th. It will be preceded by the holidays of Penyekeban (April 11), Penyajaan (April 12), Penampahan Galungan (April 13).

After Galungan, there will be the holidays of Manis Galungan (April 15), Pemaridan Guru (April 17), Ulihan (April 18), Pemachikan Agung (April 19), Buda Paing Kuningan (April 21), Penampahan Kuningan (April 23), Kuningan (April 24). They are part of the Galungan festivals series.

According to the Hindu faith, the victory of Dharma will be achieved if Hindus practice self-purification and consistently apply the true teachings.

Then they will be physically and mentally clean. It will also affect the purity of the Universe so that harmony, peace, and well-being can be achieved.

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