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South African Citizen Commited a Suicide in a Guest House in Canggu


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A South African citizen, Hutton Gavil Walter (31) was found dead hanging himself at Isin Uma Guest House, on Jalan Tanah Barak, Canggu Village, North Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali, on Wednesday (7/4) around at 05.30.

Allegedly, the man was depressed and ended his life.

“Based on the identification results of the Badung Police, the alleged cause of death was due to the entanglement of the batik cloth around the neck. And there were no signs of violence against the victim,” said North Kuta Police Chief, Commissioner Marzel Doni, Wednesday (7/4) night.

The incident began when a witness who lived next to the victim’s room was about to leave for a photoshoot to the beach. However, before leaving, he wanted to say goodbye to the victim.

Next, the witness knocked on the door of the victim’s room and no one answered. The state of the room lights is still on. Then, the witness took the initiative to open the room door and was surprised to see that the victim was hanging from a wooden pole on a gray batik cloth scarf.

Seeing this, the witness shouted for another witness who lived behind the inn. Arriving at the room, the witness immediately spontaneously untied the knot of the shawl and lowered the victim.

When the victim was lowered down, the victim was lying stiff. With this, the witness immediately reported the incident to the North Kuta Police.

Meanwhile, from the results of the crime scene checking of the veins of the right and left hands, there was no pulse and the victim was declared dead.

Then, for the evidence found at the scene of an Apple brand laptop, a Samsung cellphone, one pill of panadol drug, one pack of Durex, two small cans of 5mg prednisone medicine, a wallet containing two dollars and Rp250.000.

“There are the results of a brief interrogation, the testimony of the witness who is the victim’s ex-girlfriend. The victim has told her about many problems but did not want to tell her what problems he was currently experiencing,” said Kompol Doni.



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