HealthCompletion of Vaccination in Bali is Targeted to be...

Completion of Vaccination in Bali is Targeted to be Finished by June 2021


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Deputy Governor Cok Ace said that the current number of domestic tourist visits to Bali has reached more than 6.000 people per day, from the initial range of only 3.000 per day a few weeks earlier.

The implementation of Covid-19 vaccination against around 70 percent or 3 million of the 4,5 million population in Bali is targeted for completion in June 2021. The target is planned so that the tourism gate of Bali for foreign tourists can be opened in July 2021, according to the government’s plan.

This was conveyed by the Deputy Governor of Bali, Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati (Cok Ace), while monitoring the implementation of the Covid-19 Vaccination Festival in Gilimanuk Village, Tuesday (6/4).

Deputy Governor Cok Ace said that to speed up the Covid-19 vaccination in Bali, Governor Wayan Koster hopes to receive around 3 million doses of the vaccine this April 2021. In the meantime, Bali has received about 1,6 million doses of vaccine.

According to Cok Ace, vaccinating 70 percent of the population of Bali to achieve herd immunity (group immunity) is still targeted for completion in June 2021. “Why June? Yes, because of our hope, Bali tourism can be opened to foreign tourists in July, ”explained Cok Ace.

Cok Ace admitted that opening the gates for international tourism depends on the internal conditions in Bali. Do not let a spike in positive cases of Covid-19 occur. Apart from the conditions in Bali, it also depends on how the spread of Covid-19 in other countries.

“We will use the free Covid corridor pattern. Several countries have implemented this pattern. This means that people who have been vaccinated can go to certain areas. We prepare three zones first, namely the Ubud Area (Ubud District, Gianyar), the Sanur Area (South Denpasar District), and the Nusa Dua Area (South Kuta District, Badung),” said Cok Ace.

In addition to these 3 areas, according to Cok Ace, other areas in Bali may also be opened. Starting next week, preparations have also been made in other areas, such as the Lovina tourist area, Kalibukbuk Village, Buleleng District.

“This is our effort to let the corridor doors of Bali open first. Which one do we open? Of course, that is the most likely to attract foreign tourists to come, ”explained Cok Ace.

In essence, continued Cok Ace, if you want tourism in Bali to quickly rise and recover, mutual readiness is needed to ensure that ‘Bali is safe’ to visit. How to reduce the rate of Covid-19 by still reminding yourself and those around you, to always carry out the health protocol. For foreign tourists who violate the Prokes, also take firm action to maintain the security of tourism in Bali.

“Sanctions for foreign tourists who violate the health protocol, based on the last Pergub, the fine is quite high, namely Rp. 1 million. In the past, the fine was only Rp 100.000. Now if they violate the Prokes twice, foreign tourists are immediately deported. This certainly has a deterrent effect, to keep together to protect Bali, “said Cok Ace.

According to Cok Ace, recently there has been an increase in domestic tourist visits to Bali. Currently, domestic tourist arrivals are over 6.000 people per day. A few weeks ago, the number of visits was still in the range of 3.000-3.500 people per day.

Meanwhile, Cok Ace had a chance to directly observe the implementation of the ‘Covid-19 Vaccination Festival’ which was centered in 6 banjars throughout Gilimanuk Village.

The Vaccination Festival in Gilimanuk will is held for two days, 6-7 April 2021. Services are opened at 6 bale banjars, starting in the morning at 08.00 until noon at 14.00, involving 250 vaccinators. There are 6.000 people targeted for vaccination in Gilimanuk.

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