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Tirtagangga Royal Water Garden Suffers from the Lack of Visitors


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The Head of Tirtagangga Tourism Object Manager, AA Kosalia, admitted that domestic tourists began arriving in the past week. “There have been visits since the last week, but not many,” said Kosalia.

Since the visits began, Kosalia has continued to remind visitors to keep their distance, wear a mask, and wash their hands before entering the object. The goal is that there is no Covid-19 transmission in Tirtagangga Tourism Object.

Tourists who visit Tirtagangga Tourism Object not only enjoy the panoramic view of the water palace, the pagoda statues emit water, take a walk on the middle pond path, go around the water park, and give yellow carp to eat.

Two boats are also provided in the pond to serve tourists who are interested in taking a boat around the pond.

Tirtagangga Tourism Object still employs personnel to keep the object area clean. AA Kosalia hopes that the Covid-19 pandemic will end soon so that tourism activities will return to normal. So that economic activity will return in a better direction.

Tourists also started visiting the Taman Sukasada Ujung Tourism Object, Banjar Ujung Pesisi, Tumbu Village, Karangasem District.

The lack of visits makes it overwhelming to cover operational costs. The average cost per month is IDR 100 million. From March 23 to July 10, 2020, Tirtagangga Royal Water Garden was closed.

Furthermore, the new normal is enforced on July 11, 2020, until now, no foreign tourists have come. Only a handful of domestic tourists. The average income per day is IDR 300.000 to IDR 900.000.

Until the end of 2020, the balance is minus, nothing has been paid to the Karangasem Regency Government because operational costs have been used up.

Even the salaries from March 2020 to March 2021, were paid only 50 percent. The reserve fund had run out of Rp.306 million.

If the salaries of 50 employees are paid normally, the monthly expenditure for salaries alone reaches Rp. 800 million.

Separately, the Head of PHRI Karangasem I Wayan Kariasa said that not many domestic tourists came.

“Tourists who stay can be counted on the fingers, one to two people,” said Wayan Kariasa.

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