EconomyDuring the Pandemic Local Fruits Became More Popular for...

During the Pandemic Local Fruits Became More Popular for Bali Consumers


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Local fruits are more in demand during the Covid-19 pandemic. That is because the price of local fruits is cheaper than imported fruits.

Head of the Gianyar Public Market, Nengah Arnawa, admitted that during the Covid-19 pandemic, people’s purchasing power decreased.

“They are more likely to buy local fruit for ceremonial purposes,” said Nengah Arnawa.

These local fruits range from jambu air, local banana, sawo, Kintamani orange, salak, mango, rambutan, and other local fruits.

Apart from the decreasing purchasing power of fruit, the supply of coconut leaves from Lombok and Java also decreased. The demand for coconut leaves has decreased because the intensity of the ceremonies in Bali is still limited so as not to cause crowds.

Meanwhile, the stock of necessities ahead of Galungan is said to be normal.

“Buyers are selective in shopping, so they can carry out the ceremony simply,” Nengah Arnawa explained.

According to him, traders only provide commodities that are generally purchased by the community.

Approaching the Galungan holiday, the prices of pork and chicken have increased. Meanwhile, the price of flowers for ceremonies has decreased and the price of fruit is still stable.

The price of local fruit, such as mango is stable at IDR 20.000 / kg, salak IDR 12.000 / kg, Kintamani orange IDR 20.000 / kg.

The price of flowers for ceremonial needs, such as gumitir flowers, fell from Rp. 16.000 to Rp. 12.000 / kg, and henna flowers from Rp. 22.000 to Rp. 16.000 / kg.

The price of pork is still high, which was originally Rp. 55.000 now to Rp. 85.000 / kg, chicken meat has increased by Rp. 10.000 from the price of Rp. 28.000 / kg.

The price of red chilies is still high, now it is around Rp. 115.000 / kg. The price of chili seems difficult to stabilize because the supply is small and the need continues to increase.


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