Health2 Villages in Gianyar Included in the Rabies Red...

2 Villages in Gianyar Included in the Rabies Red Zone


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Two villages Lodtunduh Village, Ubud District, and Kelusa Village, Payangan District in Gianyar Regency were included in the red zone of rabies transmission.

Head of Animal Health and Animal Husbandry of the Gianyar Agricultural Service, I Made Santiarka, on Monday (5/4), admitted that the two villages had cases of rabies dog bites.

The population of domestic and wild dogs in these two villages is relatively high. The dog population in Lodtunduh Village reaches 1.654 dogs and in Kelusa Village 1.122 dogs.

I Made Santiarka explained, in 2021 these two villages were included in the rabies red zone. So that in Gianyar there are currently eight villages including the rabies red zone. Meanwhile, the estimated dog population in Gianyar is around 88.000.

Santiarka explained that the six villages that were previously rabies red zones were Sebatu, Taro, and Keliki Villages, Tegallalang District. Also, Medahan and Buruan Villages , Blahbatuh District, and Bresela and Melinggih Villages, Payangan District, and Ubud Village / District.

For Lodtunduh Village, said Santiarka, all dogs have been vaccinated. Meanwhile, in Kelusa Village, out of a population of 1.122 dogs, 936 were already vaccinated.

It is hoped that residents who have pet dogs that have not been vaccinated will immediately vaccinate them or report to the local banjar clinic. So that the vaccine can be done simultaneously. Apart from vaccination, the elimination of stray dogs is also carried out.

“Elimination must have a request from the residents, at least a request from the banjar. Next, we will eliminate, rather than keep worrying and endangering the residents.

Kelusa Dewa Putu Jember Perbekel admits that the dog population in his area is quite high. However, this has been handled by the Department of Agriculture and Livestock by vaccinating.

“The cause of this high pollution is stray dogs in the moor. We have coordinated with related agencies and socialized to residents for the pet dog vaccine,” he explained.

On the other hand, a resident who often crosses Jalan Ubud – Tegallalang, Made Wijana, complained about a large number of stray dogs in Banjar Gelagah, Tegallalang Village. Wijana said that these stray dogs often chase people driving and people jogging in the area.

“This is not just my complaint, other residents also complain about the same,” explained Wijana.

He added, besides chasing people who pass by, their excrements are also scattered on the streets.

Photo by Oliveonblonde / Emily Ehlers

SourceNusa Bali


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