Food & DrinkHow to Turn Balinese Arak Into a Cocktail

How to Turn Balinese Arak Into a Cocktail


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A number of bartenders in Buleleng were challenged to do mixology with Balinese arak as the base ingredient. They were asked to make a cocktail type alcoholic drink.

This is not an easy matter. Because Balinese arak is considered a spirit drink that requires special expertise in the mixing process.

The competition was held by DPC PDI Perjuangan Buleleng, in the Singaraja Penimbangan Beach area.

20 bartenders from all over Buleleng took part in the competition. One bartender who took part in the competition was Gede Sudiawan, 39.

The man from Pemaron Village admitted he had been the bartender world since 2002. He has been working across the bars in the Kuta, Sanur, Ubud, Nusa Dua, until now in Seminyak.

According to him, the challenge in mixology is knowing the basic characteristics of the drinks used.

“So if it is mixed, it is included in any ingredients. Most important are the processing and serving techniques. Honestly, even though I am a Singaraja person, it has been a long time since I drank this wine. The last time I drank was in high school, “he said.

In the competition, Sudiawan admitted to preparing a signature cocktail called Rujak Bali.

To concoct the cocktail, he uses the basic ingredients of pineapple, lemon, chili, and several other spices.

He admitted he was inspired by the unique and authentic character of the rujak taste.


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