CrimeA Woman's Body Was Found Tied up in Singaraja

A Woman’s Body Was Found Tied up in Singaraja


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A corpse of a woman was found on Jalan Pulau Natuna, Penarukan Village, Singaraja, Tuesday (30/3/2021) afternoon. The name of the woman’s corpse was Ketut Mintaning.

Until now, the cause of Ketut Mintaning’s death is still mysterious.

The team from the Denpasar branch of the Forensic Laboratory and Buleleng Police examined the crime scene.

The Denpasar branch forensic laboratory team and Buleleng Police Inafis came to the crime scene at around 11.30.

The team headed straight to the house as well as the shop that was inhabited by the victim Ketut Mintaning.

After investigating for almost 1,5 hours, the team finally came out with a bag of evidence.

The Head of Singaraja City Police, Dewa Ketut Darma said that his party had coordinated with the Denpasar Branch Forensic Lab team.

The forensic doctor at Buleleng Hospital has performed an autopsy on Ketut Mintaning’s body. However, there has been no official statement from the hospital or the police regarding the autopsy results.

“We have not received the autopsy results. We cannot conclude whether this was murder or some other criminal event. We are still waiting for the autopsy results from the forensic doctor to confirm whether he died because of violence or other causes, ”said Dewa Ketut Darma.

Meanwhile, regarding the alleged robbery and murder case, Ketut Mintaning’s neighbor, Luh Janten, 53, admitted that in the last few days he had never heard of any disturbance in the victim’s house.

Janten, who lived next to the victim, said he was worried about Mintaning’s health condition.

The victim has not left the house for two days.

“Didn’t hear a fuss at all in his house. Because it was closed for two days, I thought she was sick,” said Janten.

As previously reported, an elderly person who lives single, Ketut Mintaning, 66, was found lifeless at the shop she contracted at 13.00 Monday (29/3) afternoon. Mintaning’s body was found by Kadek Ayu Yudiani, 30, who was also the victim’s nephew.

Allegations of confinement and robbery have surfaced. When the victims’ body was found, her hand was tied to a scarf. The victim’s mouth was also gagged and tied with a cloth.

photo by Bali Post


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