CrimeA Gang of Motorcycle Thieves Caught by the Police

A Gang of Motorcycle Thieves Caught by the Police


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“We estimate that 16 motorbikes have been stolen by this gang. Only 8 units were found,” Head of the Ubud Police, Sudyatmaja.

Four students were rampant in motorbike theft in the Ubud area. They include Nico Marantama, 27, from East Jakarta; Deni Kiky Setyawan, 24, from Banyuwangi; Juli Rubiyanto, 23, from Tulung Agung, East Java; and Alvin Dwi Cahyo, 22, from Kepaon Village, Pemogan, Denpasar.

Ubud Police Chief I Gede Sudyatmaja said the four students were targeting the tourist village of Ubud. Especially eyeing motorbikes, with the handlebar that was not locked.

Kapolsek Sudyatmaja said that the disclosure of this case originated from a report by Yoan Atmaja, 35, from Bandung. The victim who lived at Perum Kuta Badung reported to the Ubud Police Headquarters that 1 unit of the DK 5154 ABY motorbike rented by foreigner Gilbert Valentine James Johnson while staying at a villa in Banjar Panestanan Kaja, Sayan Village, Ubud, Gianyar, was missing.

This foreigner lost his rented motorbike then reported to the owner Yoan and proceeded to report to the Ubud Police Headquarters. 

The results of the crime scene processing and witness testimony point to South Denpasar. The police chased down the perpetrators. The police managed to catch the perpetrator Nico Marantama alias Nico in one of the rented houses along with the victim’s motorbike. The perpetrators were then interrogated and brought to the Ubud Police Headquarters.

Initially the police arrested Nico and Juli, then the results of the development succeeded in arresting two other perpetrators, namely Deni and Alvin. 

“They are mostly students, not yet working. They have been in action in Ubud since November 2020,” said Sudyatmaja Police Chief during his release at the Ubud Police Chief, Friday (26/3).

In addition to securing the 4 perpetrators, the Ubud Police also secured evidence in the form of 8 stolen motorbikes and a pick-up car that was used to transport motorbikes when they were sold. 

“They are a syndicate with so many friends. Until now we are still developing,” explained the Head of the Ubud Police, accompanied by the Head of Public Relations at the Gianyar Police, I NYoman Hendrajaya.

The police suspect that there are other suspects and other evidence. 

“We estimate that 16 vehicles were taken. Only 8 were found,” he explained. 

The loot was not only sold in Bali. But there were those that reached Bima, West Nusa Tenggara. 

“We are still investigating. There must be other actors being developed. Including who is the carrier,” he explained.

Vehicle units were sold at various prices. The range is Rp. 4 million to Rp. 10.5 million. 

“All weresold at prices below standard. Low prices,” explained Sudyatmaja. 

In the action the perpetrator Bobby took the victim’s motorbike, Nico pushed the stolen motorbike on his pedals while Alvin Dwi Cahyo was in charge of watching the two perpetrators from behind. 

Most of the targets were motorbikes with hitch locks and motorbikes that were not locked at the handlebar. These syndicates usually act during the day. 

“There were actions at night, but most of them took action during the day,” said the officer from Klungkung.

Even worse, this syndicate was good at making fake ID cards, plates and STNK to trick buyers. 

“They replaced motorbike plates, changed identity cards, used fake STNK to sell,” he explained. 

The four students are charged under Article 363 of the Criminal Code with a maximum threat of 7 years in prison.

SourceNusa Bali


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