HealthTwo People in Jembrana Bitten by a Dog Positive...

Two People in Jembrana Bitten by a Dog Positive for Rabies


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Two residents of Banjar Pangkung Dedari, Melaya Village, Melaya District, Jembrana, Bali, were bitten by their pet dog.

From the examination, it was revealed that the dog had been positive for rabies.

The two residents are Ni Komang Suryawati and I Nyoman Artha (51).

Both have also been given VAR at the Melaya Health Center.

“We also vaccinate dogs around there,” said the Head of Veterinary Public Health, Veterinary Public Health, Jembrana Agriculture and Food Service, dr. I Made Widarsa.

Widarsa said dogs that bite their owners are let alone.

As for the results of the response to emergency rabies vaccination, there were 51 animals and 12 tails were eliminated.

Dogs were eliminated due to damaged skin, wild behavior, and some were handed over by the owner.

“We did it selectively after the incident on 21 March. Many of them were stray dogs that we eliminated and some were handed over by the owner, “he explained.

Four residents became victims of rabid dog bites on March 6, 2021.

To prevent the spread of dog bites, selective vaccinations and eliminations are carried out.

These vaccinations and eliminations were carried out by officers from the Keswan Kesmavet Department of Agriculture and Food of the Jembrana Regency Government.

Kasi Keswan Kesmavet Jembrana Regency Government, Rai Mulyawan said, to prevent the spread of transmission, his party held vaccinations for 22 dogs.

Then, six were subjected to selective eliminations due to direct contact with dogs identified as rabies.

“Today we are conducting selective elimination and emergency vaccination activities after rabies in Pangkung Dedari hamlet, Melaya village. For the results, after so many hours we carried out activities today, there were 22 HPRs which we vaccinated and then we eliminated 6 HPRs, “he said Friday, March 19, 2021.

According to him, the six dogs that were eliminated had contact with the dog that was positive for rabies.

Then, the brain samples will be taken to the Denpasar Veterinary Center.

There will be tests related to dogs infected with rabies.

When the results of the random sample are positive for rabies, they will be euthanized, or give anti-rabies vaccines.

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