CrimeThe Corpse of a Baby was Found in a...

The Corpse of a Baby was Found in a Cardboard Box


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Residents of Kloncing Hamlet, Kerobokan Village, Sawan District, Buleleng, were disturbed by the discovery of a baby corpse in the yard of an empty house belonging to a resident, Tuesday (23/3) afternoon at around 16.00.

The body of the baby girl was found in a cardboard box at Gusti Kade Dwi Okayasa’s house. The corpse of the baby was first found by a relative of the owner of the house named Gusti Ayu Suriatni. Suriatni, who originally intended to clean the house, took the house key which is usually placed under a cardboard box. But when he lifted the cardboard box, he found a baby that was thought to have been lifeless in it.

Suriatni then shouted for a relative to jointly check the female corpse with a length of 47 centimeters (cm) and a weight of 3 kilograms (kg), and then informed the owner of the house, Gusti Kade Dwi Okayasa to immediately contact the hamlet administration and the police.

Head of Public Relations of the Buleleng Police, Iptu Gede Sumarajaya, confirmed the discovery of a baby corpse in Kloncing Hamlet, Kerobokan Village on Tuesday. The body of the poor baby was found in an empty house owned by a resident. Based on these findings, members of the Sawan Police and a team of doctors from the Sawan I Community Health Center came to the place to conduct an examination.

From the results of the external post-mortem conducted by the doctor at the Sawan I Health Center on behalf of Dr. Ni Made Yetty Sukmayani accompanied by Midwife Indra, the baby is thought to have been born in a normal state and its placenta and was dead. The condition of the baby’s lips was bluish, and the jaw was stiff. There were no injuries or signs of violence on the baby’s body.

Iptu Sumarajaya said, after an external examination was carried out, the baby’s corpse was immediately evacuated to Buleleng Hospital for further forensic examination.

“This case is still being investigated by the Sawan Police, the police are still digging up information from several people as witnesses, including the person who first discovered it,” he said.

SourceNusa Bali


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