EconomyKoster Asks to Reduce the Consumption of Imported Products

Koster Asks to Reduce the Consumption of Imported Products


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Bali Governor Wayan Koster asked women to empower the consumption of local products for household needs. He hopes that women will reduce the use of foreign or imported products.

“Reduce the current use of products from outside, let alone imported,” said Koster while attending the PKK’s 49th Movement Day at the Art Center Building, Denpasar, Wednesday (24/3).

Koster admits that he feels sad to see the neglected condition of the hard work of the farmers, fishermen, and craftsmen. He hopes that imported products will not flood the Bali region.

“So that we don’t get flooded with products from outside, while we don’t use our local products here. Poor farmers. Poor craftsmen, poor fishermen, so use the products that are around us. Our local products, “he said.

Koster admits that he is diligent in consuming local agricultural products which are rich in vitamins. Local products as one of the foods that support their health.

“I never forget my small habit of eating Moringa leaves, my body is healthy because of its high vitamins. So [compared to] Kentucky, hamburgers, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, this is better, “he said.

Koster has issued the Bali Governor Regulation Number 99 of 2018 concerning the Marketing and Utilization of Fishery Agricultural Products and Bali’s local industries. Under this regulation, companies such as hotels and restaurants in Bali are required to use Balinese products.

According to Koster, there is still some leeway for foreign trademarks not to use local Balinese products. He plans to make a breakthrough so that foreign brands can use local products.

“I will begin to be firm, it may be Kentucky, but the chicken must be Balinese. If it’s a middle course, maybe Starbucks but it has to be Balinese coffee, Balinese wine, that’s how it is, “he said.



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