NatureFire Fighters Secured a Cobra

Fire Fighters Secured a Cobra


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Karangasem firefighters (Damkar) secured a cobra on Jalan Ngurah Rai, Susuan Neighborhood, Kelurahan / Kecamatan Karangasem, Tuesday (23/3) around 19.05.

The 1-meter long cobra was caught near Ni Ketut Suriani’s garage. Previously, firefighters had also secured a very venomous red-tailed green snake at I Nyoman Tantra’s house, Jalan Ayodya, and a rice field snake in Jalan Untung Surapati housing estate.

Information in the field, Ni Ketut Suriani, asked the firefighters to help evacuate the cobra that entered her yard. At that time, Suriati saw a snake slithering in a flower pot near the garage. Worried about going into the room, she called the Damkar office and was accepted by I Made Jati Artana.

Furthermore, four firefighters came to the location to evacuate the snake with sticks and plastic sacks. The snake was successfully secured and put in a plastic sack.

The snake is again released into its habitat.

“Thankfully the snake has not entered the house yet, it is still in the flower pot near the garage,” said Ni Ketut Suriani.

In contrast to the incident on Jalan Ayodya, Perumnas Environment, Amlapura, a green red-tailed snake was found at I Nyoman Tantra’s house at around 7:35 p.m. The owner of the house asked the firefighters to help evacuate the poisonous snake. The evacuation was led by I Gede Parta.

Another rice field snake with a length of about 45 cm entered the house in Gang Beji, Jalan Untung Surapati.

SourceNusa Bali


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