SocietyBalinese Resident Complains About Being Expelled from Sanur Beach

Balinese Resident Complains About Being Expelled from Sanur Beach


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A resident in the Sanur, Bali area told of her experience of being kicked out while playing with sand on the beach near the Puri Santrian Hotel.

A resident who was later identified as Mirah Sigandhi claimed to have been kicked out by hotel staff.

She told this through her Instagram account @mirahsugandhi. Mirah uploaded several video clips and shared her heartache after being kicked out of the beach which she thought anyone could enjoy.

“This beach belongs to the public. This is a very wide beach. I just found out that hotels can have beaches. I’m still in shock and why I was kicked out,” said Mirah, on Wednesday (24/3).

At that time, Mirrah and her child were playing with the sand on the beach. Suddenly a security guard came to ask her if she was a guest at the hotel or not.

Mirah admitted that she was not a guest of the hotel.

“Then he said, don’t sit here, this is a hotel area. Just sit on the next beach, just not here,” said Mirah.

Mirah was surprised. She did not touch the hotel facilities near the beach.

Hotel Puri Santiran, admits that they do not know the complete chronology of the incident.

The Puri Santrian Hotel receptionist said the management would provide more detailed information regarding the eviction of the security guard against residents who went viral on social media.

“We also do not know the complete chronology. HRD will explain later. However, now the person concerned is not yet in the location,” said the receptionist by telephone, on Wednesday (24/3).



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