CrimeA Robber Armed with a Dagger in Action in...

A Robber Armed with a Dagger in Action in East Denpasar


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The robbery took place at the Wahyu Shop owned by Ketut Indrawati, 41 at Jalan Noja Dukuh Number 11, Banjar Dukuh, Kesiman Petilan Village, East Denpasar District, Monday (22/3/2021) at 17.31.

A male robber armed with a dagger pointed at Indrawati to take money from the cashier’s drawer. Fortunately, the action of the robber who wore a green jacket with police inscriptions and wearing a helmet did not cause material losses. The robber fled after a consumer named I Gusti Ngurah Sandi Yasa, took a stone to beat him.

Feeling threatened, the mysterious robber fled from the shop without taking anything and then fled by motorbike to the east. The robber was chased by residents but they were unable to catch him. While the robber was being chased by residents, his dagger fell.

Indrawati said that before the robber took action, the robber had paced back and forth in front of the shop. After a while, the robber entered the shop without saying anything.

“At that time I greeted him but he did not answer. I told him, how come there is no courtesy,” said Indrawati.

After being reprimanded as such, the robber left. Not long after, about 5 minutes later the robber came again. He immediately pointed a sword at Indrawati. At that moment he forced the woman to open the drawer of the table where the money was kept.

Indrawati tried to keep her desk drawer from being opened by the perpetrator. When the robber was pulling the table drawers, Indrawati customer named IGN Sandi Yasa walked out of the shop to pick up a stone.

“When the robber first arrived, he was not seen carrying a sword. When I first walked around I thought someone was looking for an address. I was surprised to come the second time with a sword. I do not know where the dagger was hidden,” said Indrawati.

Indrawati also reported the incident to the police. After a while, the police came to the scene of the crime scene and secured the dagger belonging to the perpetrator who had fallen while being chased by residents.

“I am traumatized by the incident yesterday. Moreover, every day I look after the shop alone. Fortunately, during the incident yesterday there was a customer who was shopping. Otherwise, I don’t know what would happen,” said Indrawati.

photo by Bali Post

SourceNusa Bali


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